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Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Pogradec is a city in central Albania, situated in the shores of Ohrid lake. This lake is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe. Also, Ohrid lake is protected by UNESCO due to its unique species that inhabit there. Pogradec is considered to be a pearl of albanian tourism because it provides a lot of amazing touristic attractions such as magnificient mountains, magical lake and a heart-warming atmosphere .

Pogradec is a small charming town that makes you feel relaxed in every step you make. During the afternoon you will spot people walking along the road, doing their daily promenade, talking quietly with each other and enjoying the peacefulness that this city offers. Even in restaurants, its amazing how the majority of people still talk with each other instead of staying online all the time.

Despite being a small city, Pogradec is rich in historical monuments and culture, such as The Church of Marena , The archaeological site and Monumental Graves of Selca. Furthermore, I would highly suggest that before leaving Pogradec, you should visit Drilon and Tushemisht, most visited places by tourists and locals due to their preserved culture, natural beauty and traditional restaurants. Also,don't forget to try the Koran fish..It's so tasty!


Picture © Credits to redstallion

The town with its tiny streets, cafes and restaurants will take you back in time and you will find it truly remarkable. And if you are questioning about if it's affordable or not, I am telling you...It's way too cheap!

If you want to spend some time just to relax, Pogradec is the right place, no matter the season you choose to go.

What to visit in Pogradec:

1. The mosaics of Lin

2. The monumental graves of Selca e Poshtme

3. The Goliku Bridge on the old Via Egnatia.


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