Ecotourism in Kapan & Arajadzor

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The city Kapan is very far from the capital Yerevan that is why many tourists never think of going there, but once you travel to Kapan you will discover your new favorite spot in Armenia which is ARK Armenia. This is an excellent place for travellers interested in ecotourism. Here you can also make new friends who came to Armenia in search of exciting cycling, hiking and camping destinations.

ARK eco-camps

Since 2015 ARK Armenia has founded two eco-camps, one of them is in Kapan and the other one is in Arajadzor (Dacha eco-camp). The camps are constructed by recycled eco materials. This place is very popular among cyclists, mountaineers, hikers and ecotourism lovers from all over the world.


The camps have permaculture gardens where the travelers and volunteers can plant trees, grow fruits, vegetables and after some time to be back to taste it. In the eco-camp, you will have an opportunity to have exceptionally eco-friendly food buying them from locals (people from the nearest villages or the city of Kapan) who bring local products to the camp.


Besides arranging camping facilities and organizing hiking tours here sometimes are conducted educational and rehabilitation programs.

Hiking trails

The camps are mainly visited by travelers from abroad. ARK Armenia has mapped a 100 km hiking trail. Here you have several options for hiking destinations. The first one is the so-called Dacha trails that have three different hiking options each between 9-15 km, Dacha trails are connected to two other trail networks of ARK Armenia: Tatev Monastery and Voghji Valley (each contains several hiking routes that are possible to take during the day). The other hiking trail is Bekh Anapat. There is no a road for cars to this place, so by getting there, you will know that you are among those few people who made it to this beautiful place. The last one is hiking the trail to Mount Khustup where you can easily get from ARK Armenia’s Kapan eco-camp.


Armen and Siranush, who are the founders of ARK Armenia, do this job with pleasure and contribute a lot to the development in ecotourism in Kapan & Arajadzor. They enjoy each moment of their work. Thanks to their dedication and efforts everybody leaves their campsite happy and satisfied.

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