Eat, pray, love and travel to Naples

Zlata Golaboska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Have you seen the movie Eat, pray, love? Even with its disappointing rating on IMDB (5,7) it can still be a very good motivation to hit the road. For many movie lovers this film is probably not their first choice, however we can say for sure that it's the type of the movies that can trigger your appetite for good pizza and for booking tickets to Italy.

As previously mentioned, movies can be a great inspiration for traveling and can affect your complete ambiance on perceiving the things. Like magic sunglasses, let’s say. If, for example, you watch a romantic movie set in a city, at the time that you actually visit it, your "starting point mood" will be most likely influenced by the movie that inspired you to visit that place. On the other hand, movie makers are in a constant search for perfect places, as scenography and ambiance do matter. We can completely count on the movie makers for good choices of good city spots. Even if you won't like the movie, the spots will be yet worth visiting.

If you are interested in more "movie recognised" city spots, you can check this detailed and amazingly written itinerary by Kai Bonsaksen, Vienna - 'Before Sunrise' Movie Tour!

Eat, pray, love

Eat, pray, love is a movie about a writer that decides to hit the road to restore her life energy. She chooses first to visit Italy, then India and in the end Bali; all of those countries are presented in the title through one essential verb: Italy-eat, India-pray, Bali-love.

Her visit to Italy takes place mostly in Ro[me]( and Naples. The pizzeria in Naples, where she's having a conversation with her friend about the importance of the daily actual joy rather than the stress over gaining weight, triggered me to check this place! According to many, it is the best pizza they have ever eaten. The place doesn't look fancy, neither is anyhow notable at a first sight, so a recommendation is what can actually bring you here.

Very useful info on this tasty topic can be found in the article; “A local’s guide to a pizza in Naples ”. What is very important to be said is to go to that exact address while looking for this place; in fact, there is another pizzeria quite close to it and it is often confused with this one. In any case, I don’t think you can have a bad pizza experience in Naples, but if it is important to you to try and enjoy the same pizza as Julia Roberts did in Eat, Pray, Love, then, Via Cesare Sersale, 1, is your way to go.

Picture © Credit to: bellasabroad

On their site, you can see that they strictly serve ONLY MARINARA AND MARGARITA. They make the world a better place and our jeans smaller size since 1870.

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