Durmitor Ring, a panoramic road around the mountain

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The mountain massif of Durmitor is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro. There are many ways to explore this beautiful mountain – hiking, mountain biking, jeep safari tours, etc. It is a paradise destination for adventurers and active people looking for numerous outdoor activities. The peaks that rise above 2000 meters of altitude are tthe rue delights for every adrenalin ‘junkie’. However, even those who are not up for a demanding physical activity can enjoy several peaks in only one day. There is a mesmerizing panoramic road known as Durmitor Ring, that leads around the Mount Durmitor and makes you discover the mountains peaks and traditional authentic villages.

Picture © Credits to roibu

A circuit panoramic road

Durmitor Ring spreads over the Tara and Piva plateau. The circuit road around this mountain goes along the peaks, traditional authentic villages and revels the beautiful sceneries at every following meter. It is 85 km long road that can be visited by car, motorbike or bicycle or you can simply walk all the way. The road is in a good condition, it is narrow but with enough space for two cars to pass by. However, numerous curves and bends require extra caution while driving.

Picture © Credits to silverjohn

On your way, you will definitely have to make a few stops to capture the breathtaking views. The most beautiful viewpoints are marked and organized as picnic units with the banks and wooden tables overlooking the mountain peaks.

Picture © Credits to TPopova

Highlights of the tour

One can access Durmitor Ring road from two directions: from Žabljak (an urbanized unit of Durmitor National Park) or from Plužine town. It is all the same from where you will start, as it is a ring and you will either way finish the tour at the starting point.

Highlights of this tour are Momcilo’s Town, Stuoc, Mala Crna Gora, Susica River Canyon, Nedajno, Trsa, Prutas, Sedlo, Stozina and Savin Kuk. More about each of them you can find in a Durmitor Ring detailed itinerary.

Picture © Credits to Totajla

Duration of the tour

If you are planning to drive a car around the ring, make sure you have around 4-5 hours in order to enjoy each stop on the way. For those willing to sweat a bit, a bike tour will probably take you up to 10 hours. Make sure you have some physical preparation before doing this quest because some parts of the ring are quite exhausting.

Picture © Credits to MariaKuzkina

Durmitor Ring tour is a great way to see multiple mountain peaks at once, without spending too much time and energy. Going through the villages, passages, valleys and peaks you will have an opportunity to meet the locals, try their traditional cuisine, buy some domestic products and find out more about their lifestyles in this harsh environment.

This 85 km long circuit panoramic tour won’t leave you indifferent. After a one-day excursion around the Mount Durmitor and its wonderful nature and high peaks, you’ll only feel like prolonging your stay here and get to know the mountain even better.

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