Dog sledding on Lake Baikal, wild and fun Siberian experience

Oksana Vasilieva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Winters in Siberia can be tough and unbearably cold. However, do not be discouraged! You still have lots to explore during your travel to Siberia. I am talking about a one of a kind winter experience that is dog sledding! If you want to ride along the endless snow-covered forest roads, try dog sledding on Lake Baikal, a wild and fun Siberian experience that is going to leave you breathless!


If you are wondering which dog breed locals use to organize these funny rides, think no more. It is a husky breed. Locals consider this dog breed to be one of the most ancient breeds in Siberia. Huskies are genetically close to wolves but do not be terrified. They are very friendly. Nowadays, people use huskies as sled dogs. Although huskies are not very fast runners, they are quite enduring and perfect for working in one team with their peers. Huskies are famous for being capable of overcoming great distances without feeling exhausted.

If you think that it is not very pleasant for huskies to work as sled dogs, wait until you see them in action. They feel comfortable when they give you a ride. It is the kind of dog that is best equipped to do this. In other words, it is almost like it's in husky’s blood to run a sled! When you see huskies preparing for the ride, they show utmost eagerness and willingness. It is the perfect entertainment for them as well as for you!

If you want to experience the rides with huskies, Siberia is an ideal place to do this. While riding, you will be able to see endless snowy scenery and breathe the frosty air. This is the experience when you can observe the Siberian taiga in its most natural setting: during a winter day. It is a fairy-tale experience, and I recommend you to try while traveling to Lake Baikal. A perfect place to experience dogsledding is in Listvyanka.

You can try this kind of adventure during winter - in Siberia, winters usually start in November, and the snow stays until late March. During this period, you can try dog sledding. The program of this adventure usually starts with you being acquainted with dogs (do not be afraid of them; they are cuties and very friendly). The sledding instructor will also show you how to harness them. Usually, a sled consists of four to six dogs. The instructor will show you how to “communicate” with the dogs during the ride (which usually lasts for ten minutes). Important note: your weight should not exceed 90 kg (198,42 lbs). Picture-taking is an essential part of this adventure. If your camera is frozen and stops working, the instructor will take photos of you!  Dog sledding can last ten minutes (on the ice of Lake Baikal), or if you are brave enough, you can opt for two days of riding through Siberian taiga! Don’t miss dog sledding on Lake Baikal, wild and fun Siberian experience that will make your stay on Lake Baikal more adventurous!

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