Discover the soldier in you at Budapest Shooting club

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With no exaggeration at all, going to the Budapest Shooting club was one of the biggest experiences of my entire life, even though I am highly against violence and wars. It is commonly known that using the weapons for self-defense or during legal hunting can be either life-saving or simply beneficial in a certain way – it’s part of our life. These are just two factors why we cannot deny their raison d'être, their right for existence. I beg all my vegan friends’ pardon for my cruel statement though. Well, like it or not, the process of shooting and the experience you get afterwards is really something. Anyway, well said by one of the staff members: “Weapons have never killed anyone. Man did.” If you want to discover the soldier in you by grabbing any kind of weapons within fully safe circumstances at Budapest Shooting club, please read on.

Natural fear and adrenaline boost

I have to admit that, after receiving all the crucial safety warnings and regulations (also available in English, so you are assured to comprehend everything you ought to), and when we got to the point to experience the guns in work, their sound and stuff, I felt a natural fear and adrenaline boost inside. But this is absolutely normal! This was the very first time I have ever seen and used a firearm, that is capable of such harm. Regardless of my initial anxiety, once I got home, I immediately and desperately wanted to go back for another round, and I thought of the whole experience quite a lot afterwards. Should I worry?

Photo © Credit to Vivi Bencze

Countless firearms

Altogether, I tried out seven different firearms, but there are countless options you can choose from. I opted for the Rookie package that includes two pistols, two revolvers and three rifles, along with the safety equipment – an ear and an eye protector - of course. For the first, I would have liked to choose the so-called Special Forces package, but the receptionist dissuaded me, even though I would have had to pay more. He carefully listened to my demands and took my (non-existing) preliminary experience into consideration in order to help me choose wisely. In the whole selection of firearms, by the way, there are 30 pistols, 13 revolvers and 34 rifles, including widely known brands, such as Glock, Colt, Beretta, Uzi, Kalashnikov, Magnum, etc. Thus, you have a chance to shoot with guns, machine guns and sniper rifles too.

Photo © Credit to Vivi Bencze

It remains a life experience

During the whole, roughly 2-hour-long program, we were guided into two separated underground shooting rooms, alongside around 15 other guests – both foreigners and Hungarians. In the first room, we were handed only pistols and revolvers, while at the second shooting range the “big boys” followed. After everyone finished with shooting, you are free to check your target face and take it home, of course. Besides, you are encouraged to take photos and thoroughly examine each lined-up weapon, which grants that it remains a life experience.

Photo © Credit to Vivi Bencze

To sum it up, participating in this fiercely professional shooting experience is a unique program for everyone. Budapest Shooting club can be found in the middle of the city centre, a 10-minute walk from 360 bar and Gozsdu Courtyard, therefore it’s easy to approach it by any kind of transport. However, if you arrive by car, you shall count with a few additional minutes to find a decent parking place nearby. A shooting package that costs around 70 EUR includes seven or eight different types of firearm, but you can purchase additional weapons too, each for 13 EUR. In my opinion, this little adventure is worth every single penny, considering that you become slightly more experienced by getting to know what it is like to use a deadly firearm. It not only makes you feel that you are in an action movie, letting you discover the soldier in you, but it also changes your perspective on life a bit.

Photo © Credit to Vivi Bencze

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