Discover the most versatile place in Helsinki: Oodi

Pauliina Flam | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You might wonder what the big unusual building in the center of Helsinki is: it is a wooden wave with a peculiar glass top and a funky terrace, which looks stunning. The interesting thing about this place called Oodi, is that it is impossible to explain its uniqueness in a few words, so here comes a whole story. You will find this unique building right opposite to the Parliament House, and let us lurk in; what will you find inside the walls of the mysterious Oodi?


Helsinki Central Library

Oodi is a public library, but that is just one side of it. In Oodi, you will find 'The Book Heaven' with tons of comfy reading corners. You can borrow one of the many books from a vast selection or just bring your own and relax in a cozy reading zone. Luckily there are books on almost 20 languages, plus a big selection of comics. You will find all kinds of chairs, stairs, and tuffets for you to sit and enjoy your time. Here you can also come with company and borrow board games or simply enjoy the beautiful view from a glass terrace while drinking a cup of coffee. Oodi has a lovely cafe inside, which is full of delicious snacks. If you are visiting with children, feel free to convince them that libraries are not dull: just let them in and let explore. There are many workshops you can attend together, free events for kids, a variety of children's books to read, and the Play Park Loru. Just look for the Children's World on the third floor and dive in.


Oodi is made for creative people

Now when in Oodi, you do not need expensive gadgets to be creative. Here you can play video games, make your own video or even record a music album! The recording studio is waiting for you. You can use 3d printers, UV-printers, print a poster, or make your own stickers. Are you searching for a unique magnet during your trip? Why not make your own? You can totally do that in Oodi. Maybe you were thinking of starting a travel journal? Now it is time; you can make your journal using a binding machine. There are even simple sewing machines ready at your service, and the workshop area is as versatile as it can be. You can book different facilities and many of them without a library card and free of charge. Of course, using materials will cost you money. To learn more, the helpful workers of Oodi are there to help and guide you.


A space for your desires

The library is an appropriate place to study or concentrate on your work. For this purpose, you will find many comfortable places with sockets, and if you are missing a gadget, you can borrow a tablet. If there are ideas you want to share with others, just reserve a room for a group of people, and why not a room with a small kitchenette so that the hunger will not distract you. If you are studying alone or in a small company, smaller quiet workplaces are also available. You can reserve a place to organize an event, may it be a lecture or even a concert. If you think about hosting a private movie night, a movie theater will be at your service! Although the last one might cost a lot.

Talking about movies, Oodi has its own movie theater, showing all kinds of films, starting from old movies to the newest ones. In my personal opinion, the selection here is quite good: you will find less Hollywood blockbusters, but more quality movies. The place is called Kino Regina, and you can get the schedule inside the library. Just a small tip for you to remember: movies in Kino Regina are twice cheaper than in mainstream movie theaters.


So, what is Oodi? A library, a movie theater, a studio for music and video making, a gaming zone, a large reading and relaxing floor, a cozy cafe, a playful place for kids, an urban workshop, but in the first place... it is a free public space meant to encourage and inspire. Explore it and "find your Oodi side"!

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