Discover the best movie theaters in Paris

Sladjana Perkovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Paris is a city that counts almost 90 movie theaters and has 400 screens. You will probably never find a city with so many cinemas that are screening all kinds of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to almost unknown independent productions from all over the world. Every cinema lover can find a place that will suit him most, from the real temples of the seventh art to the small screening rooms. Some of them are old and prestigious while others are even listed as the French historical monuments. So, let's discover some of the best movie theaters in Paris!

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Heaven for cinema lovers

The Cinémathèque Française is a real movie temple. Established in 1936 and located in the incredible postmodern building designed by the American architect Franck Gehry since 1998, this place will leave you speechless. In the Cinémathèque Française you can see movies from all around the world, but also visit the Museum of Cinema History. This museum holds one of the most extensive archives of movie documents and movie-related objects in the world, such as the head of Mrs. Bates in “Psycho”, by Alfred Hitchcock. The Forum des Images is another incredible place that every movie lover should absolutely put on its must-see list. This magical movie theater, situated in the heart of the French capital, is screening all kinds of moving pictures and it is also a perfect place to introduce your children to the incredible world of cinema as there is a program dedicated especially to them.

Parisian “art et essai” cinema

The Ursulines Studio was opened in 1926 as the very first Parisian “Art and Essai” movie theater. Even today, this most prestigious place promotes and screens independent, art, and experimental movies. In the 1920s, the surrealists Louis Aragon and André Breton were regular visitors of this place, and if they didn't like some movie, that couldn't go unnoticed. During the screening of the experimental film “The Seashell and the Clergyman”, they even started a fight, and the screening was stopped. The Studio Galande is another Parisian movie theater that has the cult status. This single-projection room movie theater, with only 83 seats situated in the cellar, has become famous as a place that screens, since the 1980s, the movie - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Those screenings are not like any other. The public is throwing rice and water during the scenes of the wedding and thunderstorm, singing and performing the traditional time warp dance. This is probably the most incredible screening that you will ever experience.

A real gem

If you want to discover the best movie theaters in Paris then you should definitely put on your list – the Grand Rex. Opened in December 1932, this is the most impressive and largest movie theater in Europe that can host over 2,500 spectators. Listed as a French historical monument since October 1981, this place has the most incredible architecture and interior decorations. Also, every year for Christmas, a great event named the “Féerie des Eaux” take place in the Grand Rex. After this fantastic show that mixes the sound, water, and light, you can enjoy the traditional Christmas movies, such as “Grinch”.  

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