Best movie theaters in Paris: Studio Galande

Sladjana Perkovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Did you know that Paris counts nearly 90 movie theaters and 400 screens? You will probably never find a city like Paris with so many movie theatres that are screening all kinds of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to almost unknown independent productions from all over the world. The Cinémateque française and the Forum des images are the real temples of the seventh art, but Parisians are also very fond of small movie theaters. One of them, the Studio Galande, even has a cult status. This single-projection room movie theatre has become worldwide famous as a place that screens, since the 1980s, the movie - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"


The Studio Galande was inaugurated in January 1973 on the left bank of the River Seine, in the Latin Quartier in Paris, near the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sorbonne, a neighborhood known for lively student life and great atmosphere. Even if the Studio Galande had only one projection room with 83 seats situated in the cellar, it soon became a cult place. This “Art and Essai” movie theatre, a place that promotes and screens the independent, art and experimental movies started to screen "The Rocky Horror Picture" in the 1980s. Since then, without interruption, this movie is screened every Friday and Saturday night. Those screenings are not like any other. You should forget about the popcorns and bring some rice and water that you will throw during the scenes of the wedding and thunderstorm. Also, while watching "The Rocky Horror Picture" movie, you can sing and even perform the traditional time warp dance. Every screening is animated by the performance troops such as “No Good Kids” (every Friday) and “The Time Stings” (every Sunday).

The Rocky Horror Picture

The Rocky Horror Picture is a musical horror comedy from 1975, directed by Jim Sharman and featuring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. Even if this movie was supposed to be a parody to the science fiction and horror B movies from the 1930s to the 1960s, it was a massive box office flop. The screening of this movie was even canceled from the major movie theaters for lack of audience. But in 1976, the Waverly Theater in New York started to screen it as a midnight movie, and the audience even began to participate during the movie. Soon, people were coming to the Rocky Horror Picture Show disguised as the main characters, and the first performance troops started to animate the screenings. Today, in many movie theaters all over the world, such as the Studio Galande in Paris, you can still see this movie.

Practical information

The Studio Galande, a cult movie theatre in Paris, is open every day. The price for one screening is 9,5 euros. The reduced price is relevant for children under 18, persons over 60, students and job seekers. Every Friday and Saturday, this movie theatre organizes the screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture". The unique price of this movie is 12 euros, and the show starts at 10 pm.

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