Discover lake Trasimeno and its picturesque villages

Mara Noveni | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The lake Trasimeno is the largest in central Italy; it is a round alluvial and tectonic lake, located in the Umbria region, on the border with Tuscany. On the shores of the lake, there are many villages, little gems to be discovered, which serve as guardians of art, history, and culture. They host lovely Renaissance palaces and medieval churches. From some of these villages, it is possible to reach the three islands of the lake and their castles. 

A legend tells that the nymph of the Lake, Agilla, was madly in love with the beautiful prince Trasimeno, son of the Etruscan king Tirreno. She was so in love that she seduced him and dragged him into the water, which was then named after him.

Here, we find a luxuriant nature, which allows you to practice outdoor activities, such as birdwatching, trekking, excursions, etc. Let's have a look at the most beautiful villages that shouldn't be missed out while visiting the area around the lake!

Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago is a village dating to the 500s, standing on a promontory on the lake. There are many important places to visit in this village, such as the Palazzo Ducale, with the rooms frescoed by Pomarancio, the medieval fortress Castello del Leone, and the Church of San Domenico di Guzman, dating back to the 600s. From Castiglione del Lago you can reach the Polvese Island, the largest of the three islands of Lake Trasimeno.

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Magione is a medieval village, located on the original route of the pilgrims. The most important architectural work is the Castle of the Knights of Malta, dating back to the 11th century. Also visit Lombardi Tower, which offers a splendid panoramic view, the Church of San Carlo Borromeo and the Church Madonna delle Grazie. Magione is well known for its motor racing circuit and therefore frequented by motor lovers. In these places, it is possible to practice trekking, quads, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. San Feliciano, a romantic fishing village, offers unforgettable views; from here you can take the ferry to arrive at Polvese Island.

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Passignano sul Trasimeno

The charming village of Pa[ssignano Sul Trasimeno]( is located between Umbria and Tuscany and offers delightful landscapes to admire and photograph. Must-sees are the Pieve di san Cristoforo and the Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Oliveto, dating back to the end of the XVI century. In Passignano, there is also a fortress of probable Lombard origin, from the top of which, you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Nearby we recommend a visit to the hamlet of Castel Rigone, which houses the Sanctuary of Maria SS. dei Miracoli. In this area, you can practice trekking, horse riding, and biking.

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Paciano is a beautiful village, included among the "most beautiful villages in Italy." It is a village surrounded by walls, with several doors; it rises in the place where once there was a temple dedicated to the god Janus. On its narrow streets, you find churches and ancient buildings. Very interesting to visit are the Church of San Giuseppe, which houses a Madonna of the fifteenth century, and the art gallery, which houses works of art from the Etruscan age. Just outside the village, there is the Church of Madonna della Stella, which houses interesting frescoes.

© Comune di Paciano


Panicale is a huge terrace overlooking Lake Trasimeno, which offers beautiful views, especially from Piazza Masolino. Its structure is elliptical. The Church of San Sebastiano contains works by famous painters, such as Perugino and Raffaello.

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This village was founded by the Romans in 217 BC. The place is also famous for its traditional glass making: it is worthwhile planning a visit to the ancient Piegaro Glassworks, where glass production, starting from the Middle Ages, is shown and explained. The nearby Lake of Pietrafitta is an artificial lake that is home to numerous species of animals and wild birds.

Tuoro sul Trasimeno

This town is famous for the Battle of Trasimeno, between the Romans and the Carthaginians, which took place right at this spot. We recommend a visit to the Palazzo del Capra, built on the tomb of the Roman commander Caio Flaminio. Very romantic at dawn and sunset, the glimpse of the lakeside in Lido di Tuoro, offers views with very intense colors. Boats depart from Tuoro to the Isola Maggiore, which preserves the tradition of lace making.

© Comune di Tuoro sul Trasimeno

After a visit, your mind will be enriched by all these beautiful places. Based on your feelings & experiences, you can decide which village around Lake Trasimeno you liked the most. Enjoy your visit in the wonderful region of Umbria!!!

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