Dipping into Spanish culture in Sagunto

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sagunto is one of the towns close to Va[lencia](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/government-square-in-valencia-dn0r) worth a visit. Like many Spanish settlements in the Community of Valencia, Sagunto has a castle on top of the city’s hill, offering an amazing view over the area. Sagunto is a half hour drive to the north of Valencia, lying in-between the coastline and the mountains. Apart from the castle ruins another cultural highlight is a partly restored Roman theatre at the foot of the castle’s hill and the city invites one to go for a walk, especially in the old Jewish quarter. It was the largest in the kingdom of Valencia and where one can find the archaeological museum of Sagunto. Dare yourself and dip for a day into Spanish culture in Sagunto.

There is an archaeological museum in the Jewish quarter of Sagunto. It contains a collection of excavations carried out in the area of Sagunto and its castle. The museum holds the most important collections of Latin inscriptions in Spain and also has inscriptions in Iberian and Hebrew. With the help of the findings and their descriptions, you will get to know more about Sagunto’s history, especially the roman era. If you are up for it, the museum is quite interesting. I really liked the exhibited roman theatre masks.

Picture © Credits to chris90

If you go further up through the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter you will find the Roman theatre. The theatre was partly restored at the end of the 20th century and plays are once again happening. I did not like the restoration, because it seems just like a big concrete block, but watching a play at this place, where theatre has been performed since the Roman era, is for sure a nice experience. Anyway I enjoyed strolling through the old gateways of the theatre, imagining myself back in history and the large amount of plays which have happened there.

Picture © Credits to chris90

If you continue your walk uphill beyond the Roman theatre, you will even find more Roman legacies at the castle of Sagunto. On your way, take a look over your shoulder and enjoy the views over Sagunto and the area.

Picture © Credits to chris90

The ruins of the castle are interesting. Personally, I highly enjoy these days strolling around old monuments, learning a bit about Spanish culture and history, while once in a while taking a short break and enjoying the awesome views over the surrounding landscape.  

Picture © Credits to chris90

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