Denmark's largest Triathlon Party

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sport is a big part of the Scandinavian culture and lifestyle. Staying at work during after hours, and not having a hobby is frowned upon, at least in Denmark. Most people either run or cycle to work, leave the office around 16h or 17 o’clock, and spend their evenings with their kids, family, friends while engaging in various hobbies.   

If you ever subscribe to a gym in Denmark, whether it’s a smaller city or a bigger town you will be positively surprised by the modern equipment and committed atmosphere. What I mean by that is, that unlike in other cultures, going to the gym is serious business. You don’t go there to chitchat or hang out; you are solely there to work out and be healthy. Don’t be surprised if you find a man in his 80s taking part in a spinning class. Alongside to gyms, Danes are very much into running, cycling, handball, football, rowing, and badminton

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Denmark is also home to one of the most significant sporting events in all of Scandinavia. Every year the biggest triathlon party takes place in August in Copenhagen. It is a full triathlon Ironman race, that takes place at the end of August, and includes 3.86 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers biking, and 42 kilometers (full marathon) of running. It might sound rather scary and intense, but the Danes are** **very competitive. 

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In order to give the less enthusiastic athletes a similar experience, a mini-triathlon (KMD) is also organized by Ironman at the Amager Strandpark. It lasts over two days and hosts up to 5000 athletes. The mini-triathlon consists out of a 400 meters long swim, 18-kilometer bike ride, and 4-kilometer run, piece of cake, right?! 

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Other Danish Mini-Triathlon Cities

The mini-triathlon race also takes place in other cities all over Denmark, such as in Aarhus, where you can do the mini-race, or enroll into a bigger mini-race meaning a 1,5-kilometre swim, 40-kilometer bike ride, and 10-kilometer run. The swim starts in the Bay of Aarhus and ends with an impressive run through the Marselisborg Forest

© Ironman Offical/Simon Jensen

If you wish to do the race in a more scenic place, perhaps another option would be the KMD in Odense, this is also the hometown of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. This competition would be a beautiful blend of sports and culture. 

Aalborg is another city where the KMD race takes place, with a swim in the famous Vestre Fjordpark, which is a very popular swimming area for the locals during the summer months. Now the KMD in Elsinore (Helsingør), which lies north of Copenhagen, is a very special experience. The swim takes place in the Elsinore harbor, which is just around the corner from the actual Ironman half-triathlon competition. This will give you that extra rush of adrenalin and feeling of being in the full Ironman race. 

© Simon Jensen

No matter which race you sign up for, or whether you decide to watch and support the athletes, you will be intrigued by the incredible atmosphere of fans and supporters. It is something that sits at the core of every Danish sports enthusiast.    

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!

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