Date night: lovely restaurants in Vilnius. Part 1

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let’s be romantic this time and let’s talk about the lovely restaurants in Vilnius. The date night almost always starts with some good food, and the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius has plenty of restaurants that offer a great food served with a lovely atmosphere. So, that’s why it can be a little bit hard to decide where to make a date night in Vilnius. I will recommend you some places that I like the most, and for me, they are the proper choices for a romantic dinner start. To make it more interesting, I will present you the restaurants with Lithuanian, Portuguese and Italian cuisine. Hence, let’s begin our date night with the most lovely restaurants in the Vilnius city.

Sweet Root

The Sweet Root offers the most modern Lithuanian cuisine that I know so far. If you would like to impress your partner with a high-quality and modern Lithuanian food, this place is what you need. The site is superior to the other restaurants because they are offering seasonal Lithuanian food, with natural and local ingredients. For long time, the local restaurants were associated just with a pink soup and a plenty of meals with potatoes, so this fresh, modern and local cuisine is very welcomed and loved.

Šturmų švyturys

The Šturmų švyturys (the lighthouse of Šturmai) is a lovely place for all seafood lovers. Lithuania does not have local shrimps or some other exotic seafood but we do have some good fish from our lakes and the Baltic Sea. Šturmų švyturys is a lovely, classy and stylish restaurant with a seaside atmosphere, so while having a dinner here in Vilnius, you can imagine that you are having a date night somewhere near the sea. It will add more charm into your date, for sure. The restaurant is offering the local fish from the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. The fish is always fresh and the most lovely thing is that the guests can always see the fish on the counter and pick the favorite ones for their meals.

Of course there are way more good restaurants in Vilnius, but those two are my favorite ones, and both of them are located in the same street, in the Užupis district. So, after the dinner, you can walk around this beautiful district, visit the Art Incubator, sit along the Vilnelė River or watch the sunset from the Artillery bastion of Vilnius.

Spot for the Pastel de Nata lovers - Galo do Porto

Definitely, Portuguese cuisine and the feeling of this southern country's vibes can add to your date some extra points. Located in the heart of Vilnius, in the old town and near the Gate of Dawn, the Galo do Porto with its fantastic Portuguese food will steel your and your partner’s hearts. With various Bacalhau dishes, other seafood choices, as well as the sweetest Portuguese desserts and Porto wine, this small Portuguese restaurant is a lovely choice for your date night.

The date in Italian style - Fiorentino

Ah,* *Italian cuisine and Tuscan wine lovers, this lovely and romantic Italian restaurant is for you. Located next to the Vilnius University in the old town, near the Presidential Palace, the Fiorentino restaurant is a lovely choice to have a romantic dinner. Traditional Tuscan dishes will take your date to the next level. Moreover, the surroundings of the restaurant also will make your date night look more like an old romantic movie. After the Italian dinner, the dessert can be a nice walk around the Vilnius Old Town.

So, here are your three cultural cuisines in the colorful** Vilnius city for your perfect date night ideas. Thus, together with these lovely restaurants in Vilnius and some beautiful views of this city, make your date night **unforgettable.

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