Coffee in Los Yungas: the taste of a heavenly region

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Los Yungas is all about abundant nature. It is adventure and adrenaline on the one hand and relaxation on the other. And it is much more. An unmissable part of Los Yungas is it’s most typical taste and product - coffee. So, this is a story about coffee from this heavenly region. I dare to state that in Bolivia, you will taste one of the best cups of coffee you ever had, and I am about to tell you how.

Nearly 90% of the Bolivian agricultural coffee production occurs in Los Yungas, a region located between snowy mountains and the Amazon jungle. The land and weather conditions of Los Yungas make the cultivation of high-quality coffee beans possible. Nevertheless, not that long ago, access to this region was very difficult. A one-way non-paved winding road along a cliff was the only access to Los Yungas. The road was so dangerous that it got named The Death Road not long after becoming widely popular worldwide. That is why the commercialization volume of Los Yungas coffee used to be very low, despite its excellent quality. Nowadays, a paved road from La Paz city to Los Yungas exists, and thanks to tireless and passionate producers, the Bolivian coffee is earning a privileged position in the world. Proof of that is that tens of coffee producers of the region have earned the Cup of Excellence, international recognition for the world's best coffees.

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Who does not like the taste of freshness? And if we talk about it, enjoying a cup of coffee in the exact place where the beans grow can be nothing but a good idea. Near 20 minutes away from Coroico town, is Munaipata, one of the coffee-producing farms of Los Yungas. In this particular farm, visitors are allowed, and they can immerse themselves into the coffee plantations to discover as much as they want about the local production. Tours can last from one hour to a full day.

In Munaipata, the production is not massive, because what matters is to pick coffee beans of the most selected quality manually. You will judge its aroma and taste by yourself after your first cup of coffee. But there is more to try besides coffee in Munaipata, for example, sultana, an infusion traditionally consumed in Bolivia, made of roasted coffee shell or sultana,** with cinnamon, clove and sugar. You can also enjoy a gourmet lunch. But do not be surprised if your dish has a special touch of coffee. Remember, coffee is essential in Los Yungas**.

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A cup of coffee in Munaipata will be twice as special. First of all, it will be picked from its organic farm, to be freshly roasted and grounded keeping the best of its aroma. Secondly, you will enjoy it in a wonderful natural setting.

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No coffee lover should miss out on this experience in Bolivia. And, if you are not one of them, I challenge you to try Bolivian coffee from Los Yungas and feel the taste of this heavenly region in a cup. I bet you will not forget this experience!

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