Climbing Stone Bridge: Bosnia’s best crag

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are a passionate climber in quest of new crags, you are about to discover your next must-visit destination in the Balkans. Known as the most adventurous region of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the surroundings of Banja Luka boost in hidden and challenging rocks. If you fancy the most thrilling ones, then a legendary Stone Bridge is just for you. Hovering over Vrbas River, this natural phenomenon sits only two kilometres of a jaw-dropping town called Krupa na Vrbasu. Climbing Stone Bridge guarantees a memorable experience and some scenic views. So, nature lovers and adrenaline seekers, get ready for the Bosnia’s best crag.

The origin of Stone Bridge 

Picture © credits to Flickr/Turistička organizacija Banja Luka

Stone Bridge, also known as “Djevojački most” or “the Girl’s Bridge”, is a natural marvel that no climber wants to miss. Situated 24 kilometres south of Banja Luka, it is the most attractive and highest climbing area in the country. Taking the road towards Jajce, for instance to explore the medieval citadels of Vrbas Valley, you will notice this crag on the right side of Vrbas River, just before Krupa na Vrbasu. It is believed that Stone Bridge was created by wind erosion that was piercing the rock for centuries before it got its present-day appearance. It is hard to say when this rarity was formed, but some say it dates back to one millennium ago. 

Climbing, hiking, relaxing

Picture © credits to Turistička organizacija Banja Luka

On the area of the highest Bosnia’s crag, some 40 climbing routes of different difficulty and length are available. Stone Bridge is around 60 meters high, and it offers possibilities for climbing, rappelling and hiking. Besides being the most significant climbing area in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Stone Bridge is also the starting point of a 60-kilometre-long hiking trail called “Kočićevim stazama”, that heads to Gomionica Monastery. Apart from climbing and hiking, this place is perfect for relaxing and admiring the panoramic views. The site attracts many nature lovers and photographers due to its fantastic views of the Vrbas Valley and Zvečaj Gorge.

Drill & Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival

Picture © credits to Drill & Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival

Challenging rocks of Vrbas Canyon are a great choice for all climbing lovers. But if you are looking for the Bosnia’s best crag, climbing Stone Bridge should be on your bucket list. If you take the road from Banja Luka towards Jajce, after 24 kilometers, on the right side, you will notice the restaurant Ada. On both sides of the road, there is parking, where you can leave your car. After that, cross a pedestrian bridge over the Vrbas and follow the path towards Stone Bridge. This amazing eye-catcher can be reached only on foot, and it will take you about 15 minutes of serious hiking. If you are a true adrenaline seeker, I would suggest you come here in September when one of the world’s best climbing and highlining events - the Drill & Chill Festival takes place in the nearby Tijesno Canyon. That’s an absolute must that you don’t want to miss!

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