Climbing Furmanov Peak in Almaty

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The city of Almaty is proud of the nature of the Ile Alatau National Park, which has lots of hiking and climbing destinations. One of the easiest climbing experience you can have in Almaty is a one-day tour to Furmanov Peak. This is also the best place to have a stunning panorama view of Almaty

Furmanov Peak

Furmanov Peak is located at the height of around 3200 m in the Ile Alatau National Park in Almaty city. This is one of the most popular and achievable climbing routes that grant a great chance to see the panorama view of Almaty. In order to climb Furmanov Peak, it is fine to be a newbie, and it does not require serious equipment and preparation. Probably, that is why both locals and tourists like to take this tour to enjoy the views that mountains here can offer. 

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How to reach

One shall know that the roundtrip to Furmanov Peak takes around 9-10 hours, and the route is 16 km long. It is important to keep in mind that the time counted starts from** Medeu Ice skating rink's bus stop. There is only one bus that heads to this bus stop, therefore it is very hard to get confused with that. So, one is advised to take the bus number 12 from the Kazakhstan Hotel, which is located in the center of Almaty. Once you are dropped at the right bus stop, you should ask people there for a route which takes to Furmanov Peak. If you are taking a tour on your own without a local escort, it is highly recommended to do it on weekends, as there will be a lot of people to ask the way, in case you get lost. However, it is quite easy to get the right direction, because the road is well-trodden by hikers and climbers**. 

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What to do

One of the famous landmarks on the way to Furmanov Peak is the swing, which was installed so that people can take stunning photos of mountains. Keep in mind that you should start the tour early enough, around 7 am, as there may be a queue of people by the time you reach the swing. If you have enough time, you can get many pictures on the swing to look like if you are flying above the mountains. As soon as you come out on the rocky road to the top, you can be sure that you almost reached Furmanov Peak. From there, you will have a magnificent panoramic view of the whole city. Apart from that, sometimes you can meet horses grazing in the mountains, which makes you feel closer to nature. Moreover, this random meeting can give you many other interesting photos and videos. There is an international friendly rule in the mountains that you are advised to say 'Hi' to everyone you see on the road, even if you do not know them at all. This brings more positive vibes and emotions

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What to bring

Since Furmanov Peak is known among hikers and climbers as the route for people of all levels, there is no need to have heavy and professional equipment. A pair of comfortable sneakers, a hat or a cap to avoid the heat, as well as common sportswear are all welcomed. Apart from that, one's backpack shall include some snacks such as fruits, sandwiches, 2 liters of water per person and whatever is desired. 

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It is truly a unique experience to go after the panoramic view of Almaty. It is totally worth to have a** one-day climbing tour to Furmanov Peak in **Almaty's mountains

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