City of timbered houses - Celle

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With around 70.000 inhabitants, Celle is considered the southern gateway in Lower Saxony to the Lueneburger Heide and is famous for its timbered houses. The oldest ones date back to the 15th Century. While visiting the southern part of Lower Saxony, Celle is totally worth a visit, for all who want to enjoy a peaceful authentic German city. Make a stop in a restaurant in the city center and make sure to have a local Celler Beer and traditional German cuisine.

Cover photo credit: @villy_yovcheva

There are over 400 of these picturesque buildings in the city center. It is amazing to stroll through the streets, enjoying the architecture and atmosphere. The above picture shows the street ‘Großer Plan’. Before Christmas there is a winter market, where German specialties like mulled wine or fire tongs punch are served. It is nice to enjoy a hot drink in cold winter times, surrounded by little winter-market-stores and the charming atmosphere of Celle.

The castle of Celle

If you have a look around the city you can’t miss its castle, which combines two styles: Baroque and Renaissance. It served as a permanent resident of the dukes of Brunswick and Lueneburg for almost three centuries. Therefore Celle is considered one of the most significant ducal residences in Lower Saxony. From the top of the city church you can enjoy the view over Celle and it's castle like in the picture.

Photo credit: @olli0815

The castle of Celle is surrounded by the palace park, where one is able to take a break from shopping or start a guided tour at the meeting point there.

Unic court theatre of Celle

Inside the castle is one of the oldest preserved court theatres. It was established in 1675 and nowadays it is the oldest baroque theatre in Germany still performing. It is great watching a play in this special atmosphere, surrounded by the past and history.

Besides the historical castle and theatre, the French garden is beautiful to wander through. Having a look at the new and old town hall should be included while staying in Celle as well.

Photo credit: @olli0815

Celle is definitely a place worth visiting for its castle and its well-preserved city center with the alley of Kaland or the house of Hoppener. The timbered houses and historical monuments give the city a specific charm and the perception of being in a former century.

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