Chinese food in Belgrade - Makao restaurant

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Makao restaurant

Chinese cuisine has become a powerful part of Chinese culture, not only in the exotic country, but also across the whole world. It is inevitable that after a certain amount of time, Chinese delicacies will become popular in Serbia, the land of hedonists who very much enjoy a good meal. The main characteristics of this glorious cuisine is a combination of different flavours, colours and scents. That amazing mixture never ceases to satisfy your senses. In Chinese culture, food is a means of achieving health as well as the art of symbolism. Black algae that symbolizes wealth, eggs for fertility, and chicken for a good marriage are commonly served. Consuming a variety of foods in larger quantities and in all culinary combinations is one of the components of the local culture of life. And frankly, that is something many people can relate to. When you find yourself strolling through the streets of Belgrade, walking through the most beautiful Tasmajdan park, desperately craving for some Chinese meal, I have the right spot for you, and very nearby- Makao Restaurant.

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Almost 20 years ago, this amazing spot, in the very heart of the Serbian capital was opened. The great hall of the restaurant offers space for many occasions - from big party celebrations to intimate lunches and dinners. The interior is very much authentic to Chinese culture, with dominant red décor, comfy chairs and the most enchanting traditional music. If you find yourself in the situation to pick where you will be seated, I warmly suggest you to select the big, round tables with spinning glass, as it is amazing for all of you who, like me, love sharing meals and tasting different flavours with your loved ones. Just a simple spin of glass will bring you the most amazing meal right in front of you.

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The restaurant's offer is strictly and uniquely based on specialties of Chinese cuisine, prepared by experienced Chinese chefs who have studied for many years in the seaside parts of China. After a pleasant stroll through the Tasmajdan park or after some recreational activities in the nearby sports center, if you are that adventurous, come to Makao restaurant where you will be welcomed by friendly staff. There is no better way to treat yourself than to relax and enjoy yourself in this trendy Chinese place. However, it is never sure with Makao restaurant that you will have a free spot, so make sure to call ahead and make a reservation, especially during the weekends.  Don’t let that discourage you as Makao restaurant is by far the most amazing choice to gratify you hunger. For around 13 euros per portion (which you by the way will barely finish) you can enjoy delicious Chinese chicken, duck or pork. Experienced Chinese chefs and connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine will offer you a rich menu consisting of specialties based on seafood or chicken, pork or duck, or If you are fan of the seafood, you definitely cannot miss the squid in kamenitsa sauce. Oh my! Are you hungry yet, I know I certainly am!

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It is not a coincidence that Makao Restaurant is the most common place where I always go for a family lunch with my loved ones every time I am in Belgrade. Amazing cuisine, a convenient location, a warm atmosphere, a great menu and helpful staff are convincing reasons that put Makao restaurant at the top of Belgrade representative for Chinese cuisine.

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