Celebrate Her Flash Mob - Tirana

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sometimes it is necessary for us people to remind one another the importance we have as human beings. Trapped in our ordinary lives we become slaves of habits and indifference. We forgot to pay attention to things that really matter like going on a journey that will help us know ourselves more.We forget so easily to show love to our closest people and we become victims and in the same time active players in discrimination against some specific groups of people, without genuine reasons.

International Women's day is quickly approaching and as everyone knows this day refers to the movement for women's rights. It's kind of absurd that always has to be a date to remind us of specific topics but on this case I will try to see the positive side of these remembrance days since a lot of gender based issues are happening around the world.


If you happen to be in Tirana, on 6th March, I suggest you to participate in " Celebrate Her" FlashMob at Skanderbeg Square. This FlashMob is all about raising awareness and fighting the domestic violence that women around the world are experiencing. Being thought in the form of a public dance, Celebrate Her invites everyone to cherish, respect and value every women but above all it invites you to reconsider your thinking patterns about women.

I, that am writing in this moment, I am a woman myself and I see everyday how women are being treated and I think that I would never want to be in their place but that is not enough. Sometimes action is needed to change the reality and we can start from the little things and take every chance that may improve something. In this case, the little thing is this Campaign. By participating, you are letting yourself know and others too that " Yes, this problem exists and I am here to show that I want to help to solve it".

In the previous years, I have been part of some flashmobs and I know for sure how it is when people don't react. Mostly to social issues. This is all about coming together for a cause, connecting with each other and learning how to understand each other without even speaking. As for tourists, this is a good chance to engage in albanian activities. It's a way of playing an important role in this community even though you don't really know these people. However,at the end of the day, we're all humans waiting for the help of each other.

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