Catch the last summer sunrays at Hungarian lakes

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Summer is almost over, but you still have a few days to catch the last sunrays of an extremely hot season. I suppose that most of you already have heard about Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in my country and in entire Central Europe. Today, I would like to show you a couple more options. You can spend wonderful days at charming lakes a bit further away from the cities, where you can enjoy the last of the warm days. Since my country is relatively small, you don’t even have to travel that much to do that. So, don’t waste too much time deciding what to do if you come to Hungary in summer, grab your sunglasses and swimsuit and replenish yourself at the following destinations.

Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza is the largest lake in the eastern part of the country and the second largest lake in Hungary. These 127 square kilometres of water create a unique eco-touristic paradise. In case you are planning a rapid holiday or even a more meaningful vacation in the countryside, I suggest you make sure to visit this place. The surroundings of Lake Tisza are constantly evolving and it is not as crowded as other lakes in the country.

Must-see beaches: Abádszalók, Poroszló, Tiszafüred

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Lake Velence

Lake Velence, where you can easily fall in love with Hungary, is very popular due to its shallow, warm, mineral-rich water. Its neighbourhood provides you with multiple superb spots to enjoy your time regardless of the season. Along the coast, all settlements possess smaller and larger, free and pay-for-entrance beaches, with each one being slightly different from the others. Some beaches are completely free of charge but still well-maintained, and there are also some where you will get a special treatment and a fancy environment for your money. Furthermore, I can’t avoid mentioning the biggest party of Lake Velence, as university students' main festival, EFOTT, is held here in the middle of every summer.

Must-see beaches: Holdfény Boardwalk, Velence Korzó

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Lake Bánki

Located in Bánk, Lake Bánki is a 7-hectare lake with an average depth of 4 meters. The lake is primarily a fishing paradise. During the summer months, the well-tended beach, situated towards the village, is extremely popular for those who are after some bathing and sunbathing as well. The lake can be walked around completely along a walking path. It is partly surrounded by woods, romantic fishing grounds, and mountains in the distance. The water of this relatively deep lake is not much cooler than Lake Balaton in the summer, but bathing is permitted only at the beach area. Even though you can see people swimming at other parts of the lake during warmer weekends,  be careful, as the lake’s depth at some points reaches up to 7 meters.

Must-see beach: Bánki Plage

In case I couldn’t convince you that there are other worthy destinations beside Lake Balaton, check out some of my recent articles on the so-called “Hungarian Sea”. My guides include the best handcrafted ice creams spots, where to catch the sun, and where you should stop when pedaling around the lake. However, if you do trust me enough when I claim that there are many tempting Hungarian lakes, and you crave to catch the last summer sunrays in a quiet spot, head to these lesser-known, yet beautiful places. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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