Castles and Rugby in Cardiff Part 2

In the first part of this series I showed you some of the most interesting and exciting castles and sports stadiums in the capital city of Wales, in the UK. I also shared a bit about the beautiful Cardiff Bay where people can walk along the port and enjoy amazing sunset views over the new and modern Cardiff skyline. This article will highlight some of the more natural spots in the city, and some places where you can get that local flavour. The first time you visit a place it can be hard to avoid the tourist traps and find the places that really make you excited. hopefully some of the following suggestions will do it for you!

Number 1 - Roath Park

Roath Park is the perfect place to get away from the city feeling, and find some open space. The small lakes and rivers that crisscross the park are peaceful and calm, as are the ducks and swans that float about gracefully. There is a fantastic boating lake where you can take romantic trips out onto the water or just laugh with your friends as you attempt to row badly! There is also a good size rose garden which smells incredible in the Spring. You'll never be far from an ice cream or coffee and walking around this park with a cold ice cream on a sunny day was one of my highlights in Cardiff.

Number 2 - Bute Park

This central park is often called the heart of Cardiff, and with over 75 football pitches worth of grass, trees and flowers, it's easy to see why! This expansive area used to be a private garden, but now has been converted into the perfect communal natural and educational land. There are more than 3,000 trees here that have been categorised and labelled, and this makes Bute Park an incredible place to wander around and take in the natural diversity here. There are also quite a few 'champion trees' which are the largest of their species found on the British Isles! This was one of favourite parks I have visited in the UK, and really shows off the best of our rainy and mild climate. Lush green absolutely everywhere, even in the middle of summer!

Number 3 - Cardiff Indoor Market

I'm a massive fan of any kind of market, and although the very best and weirdest can be found in Asia and North Africa, there are some great ones in Europe as well. The Indoor Market in Cardiff is packed with locally sourced fruit and vegetables and food, as well as a beautifully industrial architectural setting. This market is the perfect way to see a bit more of traditional Britain, with butchers shouting prices of meat over the top of florists yelling about the array of colours that they have on offer.

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