Camping near Skadar Lake: OK Koral Outdoor Club

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Do you like spending your weekends outside of town, trying to escape a busy life and a crowd for at least a day or two? If yes, you will understand my weekend-habit of travelling around Montenegro, searching for new experiences and places, with a goal to discover as many hidden gems as there are. The last weekend was no different. I packed my backpack, took a camera, called my friend, and it took us only a few minutes to agree – Let’s go camping near Skadar Lake. I have heard of OK Koral Outdoor Club before, I knew their concept is someway different and unique, but this place definitely exceeded my expectations. A wooden house, nature around, fantastic glamping tents, animals and a garden… a weekend spent here is just not enough.

OK Koral Biocamp

Conceived as a part of the organic garden and a farm, nestled between the Orahovstica River and a nearby forest, OK Koral is not an ordinary camp. First of all, the camp was formed by an amazing, super interesting group of enthusiasts, and your stay here can be much more amusing if you are open to new friendships, knowledge and actions. With an active approach to the leisure activities, they offer you a chance to participate in their every-day tasks, teach you about gardening, share the kitchen and their amazing recipes with you, and help you plan the best way to explore Virpazar and Skadar Lake surroundings.

Organic food

Everything you will eat here comes from their garden. They grow various vegetables and fruits, and for the things they don't produce, there is a collaboration with other locals from whom they buy domestic products. There is no restaurant with a menu here. Instead, they have a daily menu, so if you want to try their organic food, you just eat what there is. Honestly, I don't remember when I had such a delicious lunch like the one I had here.

Accommodation: camping and glamping

As for the housing, there are two possibilities: either you bring your tent and install it somewhere in the courtyard, or you book a place in the most amazing tents I've seen so far. Known as glamping tents, they look like Pinterest-perfect spots, cute and dreamy, and they offer a comfort almost like in a standard room. Above each of the tents, there is a cane roof used as a shade through which thin sun rays create a beautiful illumination in the morning.

Exploring around

Ok Koral Outdoor Club is situated only 2 km from Virpazar, and it has a perfect location for exploring the Skadar Lake surroundings. At the camp, you can get all the information about the tours. They will help you arrange it, or provide you with a map, if you want to explore the area on your own. You can go cycling, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, or just take a boat ride and go swimming.

As for me, I am more than thrilled to have an opportunity to come back here again sometime soon, and hopefully not just for a day or two but longer. If you like the concept of OK Koral Outdoor Club, you can also consider becoming a part of their team through participating in their WorkAway program, and enjoy in, by far, the best place for camping near Skadar Lake!

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