Camden Town: London's best markets

Why is London one of the best cities in the world to visit** for a few days? The reason could be that not many places can compete with the variety, culture and colour you will see in the more interesting parts of the capital city of the UK. One of them, Camden Town, is the neighbourhood of alternative lifestyle, and it sits right in the middle of cultural London. In Camden Town, you can find the best markets in London **and much more.

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The old & the new

People have been trading, working and living in this northern London district since 1791, as an important railway construction area. Some 250,000 horses were used in Camden to move all the goods coming in and out of London on trains, wagons, and through canals. Hence, one of the biggest markets in Camden is called ‘The Stables’ after its past use! 

It is what Camden is mainly known for – the incredible markets. The UK can be quite a formal and serious or boring place, but the markets of London buck that trend entirely. You can wander the markets' stalls, or if it is raining, you can check out an indoor market in London for bad weather days.

Markets & food for everyone

The Stables Market (another name for the Camden Market)** is probably the most famous thing most visitors want to see. It is only a six-minute walk from the Camden Town underground and is right on the Camden high street**, next to an infinite number of food stalls and small colourful shops. 

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Inside the market, no chain shops are allowed, and it is a paradise of skill and talent – as well as weirdness and odd ideas. The market sits underneath a gigantic railway bridge, and one part spreads out under 25 huge curved railway arches.

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You will find hand-made jewellery, custom-printed t-shirts and all kinds of unique and artisanal objects. If you want to find vintage fashion looks or buy some colourful circus gear, there are shops for you.

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Food is also a major part of the markets, and you can not walk 10 metres without seeing yet another mouth-watering stall selling pizza, waffles, pancakes, Japanese-inspired creations or spicy Indian dishes. The Camden Market is a real showcase for the diversity in culture and tastes, making the UK a unique destination for tourists.

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Some live music or theatre after shopping?

Camden is also an incredible music and arts destination, and there are places like the Blues Kitchen for soulful live experiences or The Roundhouse, where you can watch new and exciting plays.

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If Camden Town has not been on your list of places to go when you visit the UK, it should be now. Explore Camden Town and London's best markets because there is not anywhere like it for the scale of selection and the strength of the positive and fun energy. Right, when you leave Camden Town underground station, the hectic chaos reveals itself immediately, and from the first moment, you will be swept away.

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