Burgas, well-kept treasure of Bulgaria

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Must see Bulgarian gem


If you are tired of going to all the same places, and you really want to explore the Ba[lkan region](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/visiting-balkans-on-a-budget-3gnp) with all it can offer, then you are reading the right article. The inevitable stop on your trip to Bulgaria is Burgas, city on the Southern Black Sea coast, that will not only offer you an unforgettable time with their locals and numerous tourists, beautiful natural beauties and amazing cuisine but at the same time enrich you culturally. Trip to Burgas is an experience to remember, so keep reading to learn more about this extremely interesting se[aside gem of Bulgaria](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/varna-flawless-bulgarian-town-gw8u). Who knows? This might be your next vacation spot.

Burgas is the fourth-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia, P[lovdiv](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/plovdiv-7pkd), and V[arna](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/varna-flawless-bulgarian-town-gw8u), about which I have had a pleasure to write in the previous inspirations. However, I have found it rather memorable and attractive tourist spot. The city is the capital of Burgas Province and an important industrial, transport, cultural and to Surrounded by the Burgas Lake and Black Sea, at the large Burgas Bay, the place is rather promising spot to visit, with its nature and appealing climate. You can visit it at any time of the year,as Burgas offers relatively mild weather climat.Great news for foreigners! Burgas Airport is the second most important in the country, which also makes the city easily accessible from the other European cities.


When in Burgas, don't just lay at the beach, but be more adventours and take advantage to check the Sea Garden, museums and archaeology sites, and other exciting destinations that lie up along the Black Sea coast. My favorite has definitely been the Sea Garden, the amazing attraction with park and summer facilities. I am sure you will find yourself returning over and over there during your stay, refresh with delicious ice creams that come in thousand flavors and open air cinema. If that is not heaven on the Earth, that I don't know what is.


Next, the Ethnographic Museum from the 19th century is a perfect place to visit, especially if you are coming from the western or northern Europe, so you might be unfamiliar Bulgarian cultural traditions and you want to learn more about it. What is great is that the original first floor interior has been preserved, so you can get an idea and take pictures of the authentic designs. Upstairs you may find large displays of traditional costumes from every ethnographic group that had populatedthe region around Burgas. The preservation of the original clothing really makes this place precious.


Great news for music festivals lovers! Burgas is making its way through the music scene with a few festivals that call international attention. You will see many people dancing on the beach during the Spirit of Burgas Fest Spirit which takes place for 3 days in the City Central Beach every Mid August. On a number of scenes visitors can enjoy all kinds of music such as ethno, rock, pop, indie, latino and electro. Also, the International Folklore Festival at the end of August is one of the oldest music events in the city. What makes this festival so unique is that it also offers seminars on the folklore traditions, souvenir shopping and traditional arts and crafts demonstrations.


To sum it up, these have been just a few things you may do and see while you are in Burgas. In any case, if you just decide to simply relax, take a stroll and enjoy the magnificent views, you will not make a mistake . I am pretty sure that once you are here, you will want to come back again. For that reason, stay tuned for more upcoming inspirations.

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