Brussels holy trinity: Guide to the best beer

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Photo credits @P.Blachov

If you would ever mention to anyone that you are either moving to Brussels or simply going for a visit, it is highly probable that the reaction of the person would be:”Oh my God, the beers!!!”. Coming from a country where beer is not considered an alcohol at all, this was very hard for me to understand. Frankly, after three years of living in Belgium, it still is. Also, the fact that I personally dislike beer did not help at all. But in Belgium there is a whole different, unique and beautiful culture of beers and drinking that will definitely leave an impression on you. Not to mention that there are so many different kinds and flavors that browsing through the menu will leave you with a headache. But have no worries, after a while you will catch up on it. The best way you can learn is though tasting.

Allow me to present you another inevitable component of Belgium holy trinity, complimentary to fries, and show you where you can taste the highest selection of best Belgian beers.

Photo credt @Peter Koronvod

The truth is, once you find yourself in Brussels, you will be amazed by the number of bars and cafes where you can go. The whole confusion will end up in agony, as long as you do not embrace the fact that there are so many sorts of beers you haven’t tried and simply always go with the different one. Here is an encouraging fact: no matter where you sit and whatever you order – make it Duvel, Jupiler, Chimay, Westmalle etc. you cannot really make a mistake. By tasting more and more beers, from dark and heavy to blonde and light, you will just get closer to your ideal, perfect beer. But they say it is all about the journey, so enjoy the tasting. In fact, in most of the bars there are free beer tasting samples offered, so you can really get a glimpse of an array of flavors.

However, among the sea of bars and cafes in Brussels, I would like to present you the one - the oldest and one of the most renowned bars in the city, Café La Mort Subite. Even if you feel not so eager to sit in a place that has a word death in its name (mort=death), you will love this place if you give it a chance. Located in a very center of the city, yet remote from the crowd and noise, Café La Mort Subite is a traditional choice for those of you who would love to be served and offered all the beers with a small tutorial.

Finally, if you would like to go back centuries and centuries in time, all by trying out the variety of trademark Belgium beers, Café La Mort Subite is the right choice for you. Coming from a person who is not a fan of beer, believe me when I say that the culture of sipping the most delicious beverages, with your friends, laughter, combined with wonderful cheese and an old-school interior, will most certainly bring that joie de vivre.

Photo credt @Peter Koronvod

Cover photo credit @A.Stevens

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