Bjerkviking - The burger of Bjerkvik

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You have a lot to do around Narvik in terms of physical activity. Hiking paths, skiing, snowboarding and so on. What I desire to show you now is the preferred food to get in the area. The route will take you to Bjerkvik which you can locate over the fjord of Narvik city and they have a burger.

A worker in the restaurant:

Bjerkviking is the name

The burger is called ''The Bjerkviking''. In 1983 they opened this place. This is not just whatever burger, and I won't just tell that «it’s the best». Because such a statement would be an unfair summary since this burger is way more complex than a naive description. People throughout the whole country knows about it. I’ve heard of people who go on road excursions from Oslo to have a go at this hamburger. It makes your heart melt. You will forget about your surroundings, even though it is very neat inside of the restaurant.

On the wall, you can detect a sign that says:

For the best experience

The menu you can choose for the ultimate adventure: Get a large burger with french fries and a large milkshake and pick a table.

Another options that only fools would take

There is a kiosk right next to this kitchen, also. What is an unpleasant experience is to see when German visitors or the like purchases a hot dog from there when the best time of their life is right inside the other door. It’s like going to see Black Panther and you don’t know that they are playing Shrek 2 in the other cinema. Just to be clear, Shrek 2 is the amazing movie that you would benefit the most from watching.

Why is it such a pleasant place?

«Det lille Kjøkken» is full of happy customers and smiling workers. I don’t want to confuse causation and correlation, so, I will put out this question: Are the workers so kind and friendly and smiley because they are affected by the satisfied customers who get such a well-rounded burger experience?

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