Biograd na moru: what not to do

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Whether in Zadar or Šibenik, you have to visit Biograd na moru, too. This little town craves for your attention. Perfectly located close to both cities, national highway, four national parks, and on the sea at the same time, Biograd na moru is one of the inevitable little cute places that you will always remember. The name of the city Biograd na moru means the "White city on the sea". Usually, we use the shorter version - Biograd, so I will use it here as well. The list on what not to do things is large, but let me restrict myself to only a few points.

Do not miss to visit nearby national parks

What makes this town perfect is the Biograd's position. Close to the A1 highway and local Dalmatian roads, Biograd is a perfect starting point if you want to visit National park Krka, which is only 40 minutes away. Moreover, in a walking distance is the birding paradise - Vrana lake. Come to Biograd and do not miss to visit two amazing natural parks in the middle of the Adriatic - Kornati, the national park made of 140 islands and Telašćica with its quiet waters. That can be done in only one day, and then come back to Biograd and feel the tranquility of this little town.

Biograd and nature; Photo © credits: xbrchx

Do not walk around without visiting the port

Once very important, the port of Biograd has 700 vessel places. You will lose yourself watching all those boats, ships, rafts and speedboats. For all maritime enthusiasts, this is a must-visit destination. Biograd has three sports ports and one with all other types of vessels. Biograd is the port for the ferryboats that will bring you to the Pašman Island, known for its nice sandy beaches and a few bicycle routes. Each month, a few regattas are organized in this queen of all port cities. So, that can be one more reason, among others, to come to Biograd.

Port in Biograd; Photo © credits: aerocaminua

Do not leave without trying the local food

And when the sun goes down, the appetite goes up. And what is Dalmatia without good meat, even better pastries, and the best wine? Even though it's a small town, Biograd has a good restaurant offer. The seafood is the basics, and the Dalmatian wines will just make this food even more delicious and attractive. Since Italy is very close and the Italian influence is very strong here, there are many pizzerias. But what is typical for this part of Europe is konoba, a* type of a Dalmatian tavern. It's usually one floor of the house, where the food is prepared and served, always accompanied by the wine cellar beneath and the accommodation above.  When visiting one konoba, **do not miss to order 'škampi na buzaru'* or shrimps in the tomato sauce. I hope you'll love it.

Port in Biograd; Photo © credits: xbrchx

While reading what not to do in Biograd na moru, I hope you got enough guidelines on what not to miss when visiting this port town. A perfect combination of nature, food, sea and history is waiting for you.

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