Best Yoga Studios in Copenhagen

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Having a hobby in Denmark -as well as all over the word- is just a "must"! Whether you are traveling to Copenhagen for work or leisure, taking part in a fun and relaxing activity, will no doubt fill you with energy. Here are some of the best places to practice yoga in Copenhagen.    

 In case you didn't know, the Danes place a lot of emphasis on the work-life balance, and like to enjoy a good quality of life. Working long hours in Denmark is seen as a big no-no, since Danes like to get social and active but most importantly, their family life is always a priority.

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Wouldn’t you love to enroll in a yoga class that also offers a fantastic view of the Nørrebro lakes? If so, head over to B.K.S Iyengar Yoga Center Copenhagen, by Dronning Louises Bro. The studio hosts classes for different levels, beginners and advanced. The beauty of Iyengar yoga is using props (blocks, belts, cushions, chairs) throughout the practice, in order to help you dive deeper into the pose. An one-time class costs DKK 150 (20 €), which is an average price for a yoga class in Copenhagen

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YogaCentralen is a great place for foreigners, as classes are taught both in Danish and English. The studio also offers a variety of yoga classes, including Yin yoga (restorative & gentle), Iyengar (deepening with props), Vinyasa (dynamic) and Kundalini yoga (spiritual). The perk of going to YogaCentralen is also the possibility of enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal after the class. This studio is slightly cheaper than the previous, at DKK 145 per class. 

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Yoga på Vesterbro is located in a rather hippy neighbourhood, where the classes are taught in English. The studio offers a variety of classes for beginners and more advanced students. Compared to other studios, Yoga på Vesterbro places a lot of emphasis on practicing yoga mindfully and incorporates meditation. Enjoy a class at only DKK 120 (16 €). 

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Nørrebro hosts another great yoga studio called Streetyoga, don’t worry you wont be practicing on the street, however during the warm days your practice might take place in the green areas of Copenhagen. The perk of this studio is that your first class is for free -otherwise a drop by class is DKK 120-, so in case you are still not sure whether yoga is for you, this is a great way to find out. 

© Photo: ridofranz

If you find yourself in Copenhagen in the midst of a cold winter and you would like to get a sweaty workout, then you have no other choice but to head over to Bikram Yoga Copenhagen. Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room at 37-39 degrees Celsius with 40% humidity. The aim is to sweat A LOT and give your body a bit of a detox. A class costs DKK 200 (26 €) but there is also a donation-based class every Friday, which only costs DKK 50.

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