Best Bars In Tirana Series - Komiteti Kafe Muzeum

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Nowadays, cafès occupy a large part of every city and it seems like these places are invented for short talks with each other or somewhere you can go to have some time to relax. They're always full and sometimes you wonder, "What's this thing about cafes? Why people don't choose to do something else instead of sitting in a chair and discussing with each other probably the same things everyday ?"

Through this series, I am not trying to present to you the clichè cafès but on the contrary, I am choosing the best thematic ones around Tirana. So, they are not just Cafès...They are Cafès with great "personality". After having written about Bun[ker 1944]( and Cha[rl's Bistro](, let's begin with another story about the unique Komiteti Kafe Muzeum !


Komiteti more than a cafè it's a hidden treasure that manifests with its objects Albania through the history. Every single object is "Made in Albania" and they date back from 1700-1990 and mainly from the communism period. But this bar doesn't represent in itself a nostalgia for the past system but it shows love and nostalgia for the culture that stands divided from politics. So, I guess that the very main purpose of this cafè museum is to give to its visitors a great and interesting time travel and to let them discover more about what really matters like the way of living,traditions and culture of albanian people.

At the very entrance of Komiteti, you will immidiately notice "a clue" that somehow makes you think about what's waiting for you on the inside. On the outside walls it's painted a colorful circle that in fact appeared on the Tv-s when a program finished.From this point, you understand that the history of Albania just started.


Komiteti is divided into relatively small interesting rooms and there's also a cortyard on the back where you can enjoy a glass of wine or try all the 40 types of albanian raki (Too much right?). Also, in this particular place you can see a lot of antique objects like: furnitures, paintings, books, hats, soldier uniforms and a rare collection of Tv-s, radios and journals. Because of this, Komiteti really deserves to be called a Cafè Museum.

Furthermore, at Komiteti you can try the famous albanian candy called "Karamele Zana". It's the only bar that has this kind of candy and they serve it with coffee or tea and to be honest I like to get as many candies as I can because they take me back to my childhood and recalling those times with Karamele Zana it's the best thing.


If you are a selfie addict there's a special place waiting for you : "The selfie corner", where you can take lots of selfies with an amazing background. Also, there's a book of impressions somewhere in the bar but I will keep some things secrets and you can find out the next time you visit Komiteti.

As for the costumer service, I would say that it's simply great. The waiters are great english speakers and you will not have a hard time regarding communication. And if you want to learn more about the history behind the objects and the bar in general, don't hesitate to ask them because they will tell you about everything with the greatest passion.


Wish you a great time there!

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