Best 5 shopping streets in Vilnius

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There is nothing more perfect than to roam around Vilnius Old Town during the late Saturday mornings. Especially if you book an accommodation right in the Vilnius city centre. You can enjoy the tiny streets of the Old Town that are full of small vintage shops, traditional souvenirs, boutiques, fragrant shops, and small courtyards. However, if you are looking for the best streets for a shopping experience in Vilnius - here are the best 5 of them. Full of authentic Lithuanian designer boutiques, world-famous brands shops, vintages clothing stores, and other interesting corners, these streets are worth your attention. 

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Touristic Pilies Street

Piliest Street is among locals usually called the tourist street. It is not without a good reason as many hotels, traditional restaurants, souvenirs stores, and book shops are situated there. It is definitely the street with the biggest tourist crowds in town. Besides this fact, Pilies Street is one of the best streets for shopping. A variety of souvenirs stores, the popular AJ Chocolate Restaurant with the mouthwatering cakes, and cosy bookstores make this street exceptionally popular. It's worth saying that if you are looking for authentic, handmade, and different Lithuanian souvenirs, you should visit the "Pilies Pasažas 6" courtyard. There, you will find some authentic Lithuanian goods and souvenirs. Walking down the street towards the Town Hall, you will notice that famous brands' clothes stores begin to appear. Thus the end of Pilies Street and the beginning of Didžioji Street near the Town Hall is dedicated to luxurious clothes lovers. 

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Luxury Fashion of Didžioji Street and Town Hall

From the end of Pilies Street up to the Gate of Dawn facade, the famous clothing stores and luxury boutiques are sandwiched between the authentic Vilnius Old Town architecture. There, you will find the shining windows of MaxMara, Burberry, and Hugo Boss stores. Right there, situated in this glamorous quart is a particularly appreciated "Du Broliai" store - Lithuania's leading luxury fashion boutique. It is a family run business ever since its launch. The name of the store means 'two brothers' in Lithuanian, paying homage to the owner's two sons. So, if you wonder where to find fashion stores in Vilnius Old Town - stroll around the Town Hall. 

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Lithuanian designers around Stikliai Street 

One of the most beautiful Vilnius Old Town streets is Stikliai Street. Combined with all the other streets nearby, it is called the Stikliai Quarter (a glass quarter) because of the massive glass production during the 18th-19th centuries. Nowadays, this tiny short street, similar to Savičius Street,  is located next to the Town Hall and has a variety of Lithuanian designer shops and fashion boutiques. Especially worth mentioning is Julia Janus women's clothing store. The store offers clothes by the famous Lithuanian designer Julia Janus, which stand out because of its classic and minimalistic design. Also, the clothes there are provided in a large variety of sizes. Beside Julia Janus boutique, you will find other small designers' shops and souvenir stores in this street. 

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Unique shops and local food in Trakai Street

Going towards MO Museum, through Vokiečių Street (meaning German street) you will reach the Trakai Street. This area is proud of its numerous and various stores and restaurants. There, you will find anything from clothes, second-hand vintage shops, bookstores, shoe boutiques and even the fancy tableware stores. Trakai Street is full of interesting shops and restaurants even if the street is really short. Of course, to explore this street is always comfortable because of plenty of food options.

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The main historic street, Gediminas Avenue

Gediminas Avenue is the main street of the whole Vilnius, formed in 1836. Nowadays, most of the governmental institutions are positioned in Gediminas Avenue. Besides, there you will find plenty of various shops - especially the beauty shops, shoe and clothing stores like Zara or H&M, book stores and of course plenty of restaurants. The main shopping mall in this avenue is "G9". In the mall, the food store, clothing stores, boutiques, even a gym are established. There you will find the world-famous brands and also a "Food Hall" with a mixture of various food choices for the best gastronomic experience.

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So, here it is, a guide to the best 5 streets in Vilnius for the ultimate shopping experience. Together with the stunning surroundings of the Old Town, the shopping can become interesting and uncover the finest of the city. Also, the streets are situated next to each other, so there is no effort needed to reach all of them at once. 

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