A cup of happiness in AJ Chocolate Restaurant in Vilnius

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The happiness can be found in every smallest detail of our world, but usually, the easiest way to find it is just to eat a good piece of chocolate. As the biggest year celebrations are coming, the houses are starting to smell of fresh just baked cakes and chocolate puddings, and people are starting to spend long dark evenings in cozy cafeterias and bakeries. If you are visiting Vilnius, especially during Christmas time, there are plenty of wonderful cozy places. But if you are looking for something more special, AJ Chocolate Restaurant is just the right place to be. So, let’s feel some magic and enjoy a cup of happiness in Vilnius.

Christmas Jazz

The story behind this well known and very recognized brand is simple. The creator of this chocolate line is a passionate desserts lover who opened the chocolate manufacturer in the Trakai city and from there in every corner of Lithuania fresh chocolates are delivered. AJ Chocolate has more than a hundred of various types of authentic recipes - sweets, cakes and of course, the best quality Belgium chocolate. There are many places in Lithuania where you can find this brand production, but the best place to feel all the happiness of sweets is AJ Chocolate Restaurant in Vilnius, in the tourist very loved Pilies street.

Picture © Credits to VitalyEdush

Just open the doors and amazing smell of hot chocolate will reach you together with cozy Christmas jazz melodies. Worth to say it that actually everything is so related to chocolate there that even the walls of the restaurant look like actually made from milk chocolate. The most amazing thing, besides the sweets of course, is a small corner of the restaurant that is fully made of chocolate - table, chairs, decorations, and even the cupboard - everything is chocolate. The interior of this place reminds of a Victorian style salon mixed with some modern elements, which makes this chocolate spot look warm and cozy.

Hot chocolate and cake - for the bravest

Talking about a menu, everything can be mixed in your head: plenty of various coffees - from classic  to more modern ones - like coffee with rum and banana liqueur. And, of course - cakes, amazing and the most delicious in all Vilnius. Definitely worth trying. One of the most popular drinks there is a hot chocolate, that** can be made of milk or dark chocolate, up to your choice. Just be careful, the hot chocolate together with some cake can stop your heart for some minutes. Also, if you are not willing to stay there, you can pick up the AJ Chocolate** sweets - they have hundreds of different types and flavors.

Picture © Credits to Lilechka75

AJ Chocolate Restaurant is the place for some magical time in Vilnius. It is suitable for lovely talks, cozy coffee after the walk, or just for a lovely time with family. The location of this restaurant is wonderful - in the very center of the Old Town, so be sure do not miss it and spend some time with a cup of happiness.

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