Bernardine Garden: the vital heart of Vilnius Old Town

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Located near the bank of Vilnele River, between Gediminas Hill and Bernardine Monastery, Bernardine Garden is the vital heart of Vilnius Old Town. This garden is a place for everyone - children, parents, and young couples. Also, it is one of the most popular sites for the first dates in Vilnius. The garden is full of playgrounds for children, chess tables for the smart ones, hundreds of flowers and plants species for nature lovers and an open-air library for book lovers. 

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Back to 1469 

Bernardine Garden is quite old, and it was created in 1870 by Bernardine monks. Even earlier, in 1469, Bernardine monks were invited to Vilnius by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Kazimieras. Together with the other parks - Botanical and Cathedral Garden, Bernardine Park was always opened for public. Through the years, the authentic looking of the park has changed. Even the name of the park, during the Soviet period was different - it was called Sereikiškių parkas

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Full of happiness and children laugh

Nowadays, the park is restored and regain its real name - Bernardinai Garden. The rose gardens and fountains are restored in their original places. The garden contains various plants and flowers, and thus from early spring till late autumn, the park is full of wonderful smells of different blooming plants. Also, the park has one of the oldest oaks in Vilnius - more than 200 years old. The park is proud of rare trees such as ginkgo tree, yellow dogwood, Canadian fir, black pine, etc. When the tulips or peonies start to bloom, this park becomes filled with happy people and children laugh. The park by itself is a cherished place among locals. There are always many people, dancing couples, playing children here. When you walk in the park, it feels like you have entered a different world, far from the rush, street dust, and car noises. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Birute

Singing fountain and open-air library

One of the most romantic places in Bernardinai Garden is the singing fountain - the central basin of the park. The fountain's performances start a few times per hour, with lights, songs, and various movements. Another beautiful idea, established just recently in the park, is an open-air library with more than 300 books in different languages. This kind of library already exists in other locations in Vilnius as well. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Birute

To run away for the rush of the city, Bernardinai Garden is the best place ever. Located in the very heart of Vilnius Old town, this garden is** a vital place for all people. So, if you're are looking for a green corner of nature to rest, enjoy the river views, and smell the blooming plants, Bernardinai Garden** is the place to be. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Birute

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