Beograd na vodi - Belgrade Waterfront

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you find yourself from the spring period onward in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, trust me you are very lucky. Apart from the amazing, sunny weather, blossoming nature, mild wind that messes your hair and delicious food, there is always something inexplicably charming about Belgrade, especially at this time of the year. That is why I would strongly advise you that any minute you find in this glorious city be spent outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty of the city. And what if I told you that there is very new, recently built area of Belgrade on the banks of River Sava and Danube which you haven’t seen so far? Allow me to take you on a journey and show you the trendiest and the most urban spot in the city, Belgrade Waterfront (in Serbian language - Beograd na vodi).

Photo credit © iStock/Ivan Pantic

 In case you haven’t heard so far, (we will not tell anyone) Belgrade on the Water, is a new urban center in Belgrade, located on a million square meters and offering first class residential and business space. I remember some time ago the announcement in the news that really struck me; that Belgrade will finally have a super trendy place, built on the cherished two rivers of Sava and Danube. In fact, the construction of the modern, tall buildings in Dubai style started several years ago. Within that construction project are world class hotels, cultural sites, educational institutions, modern health centers and a wide range of attractions and holiday and entertainment facilities.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, Belgrade Waterfront offers amazing spots to enjoy in the nature. My favourite ones are definitely long promenades along the rivers, where you can slowly walk with your family, run or even ride a bike on special trails.

Photo credit © iStock/Ivan Pantic

What I love the most about this glorious place is definitely the opportunity to spend some quality  time outdoor, enjoy some sun and walk next to the river. You will quickly notice that Belgrade Waterfront is open to the public with arms widespread, with great pedestrian and cycling zones that bring a new impetus to the cultural life of Belgrade. In my humble opinion, Belgrade Waterfront is one of the most exciting urban quarters in the region, in an environment that enables comfortable and fulfilled life in the home and neighborhood. In fact, I was amazed to see that Belgrade Waterfront has promenade, parks, playgrounds, stays, fitness, gym, shopping center, restaurants, bars, cafes, private parking as well as a boat dock. Are you also looking forward to summer?

Apart from the main attractions of Belgrade Waterfront, which has a rich selection of the most popular cafés, restaurants and world-famous stores - the warmth, kindness and openness of the inhabitants of Belgrade will definitely make your tourist visit special. Every gastronomic experience you have will be spiced up by the greatest hospitality you have ever seen.

Photo credit © iStock/BratislavStefanovic

However, if you are not lucky enough to come and visit the glorious Belgrade Waterfront during Spring and Summer, do not despair. Rich gastronomic offers and great indoor activities will definitely warm you up during the cold months. As one of the locals, I really think that with world-class residential and business areas, luxurious hotels, cultural events, educational institutions, modern health services and amenities as well as a wide range of activities during free time, Belgrade Waterfront definitely brings that human dimension to the newly constructed urban area.  

So, what are you waiting for? Book you tickets and join me at the most popular spot, Belgrade Waterfront.

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