Belgrade's sweetest: Ferdinand Knedle

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A guide for the best desserts in Belgrade

Great news for all the sweet tooth out there, who are craving to try out new delicacies at the most exciting, hidden and not-so-hidden locations! I have decided to take you on this delightful journey and present you the Belgrade’s sweetest and finest guide to the best desserts in the city. Are your mouth already watering? Let’s get started then!

Let’s start this walk on the sweet lane by stopping and trying out one of my favorite desserts. It is a sweetness that most people like hot. Upon trying it, it will return you to the kitchen of your grandmas and fulfill all your senses with glorious mixture of taste, wonderful texture and captivating smell. Get ready to feel the love at first bite. Allow me to present you Ferdinand Knedle (dumplings)!

History says that Austrian tsar, Ferdinand I, responded to his chef, who explained that it was winter and there were no apricots: ”I am a tsar and I want dumplings!”. Today, you have an opportunity to eat like a tsar, regardless of the season, because there is no doubt that these knedle(dumplings) are the ones that Ferdinand I had requested. The tale, old grandma recipe of dumplings with plums and most importantly, passion, were a trigger for a young couple of entrepreneurs, full of imagination and enthusiasm to open this venue in the heart of Belgrade, at the bottom of Balkanska street.

Believe it or not, this dessert is made out of potatoes, and in Ferdinand Knedle, they make sure dumplings are made with great attention and high quality ingredients. You may try out classical knedle, as grandma used to make them, with plums, apricots, and apples, to more extravagant combinations such as nutella, raspberry, caramel, pineapple, pistachios, rum, almonds as well as some savory ones with cheese, truffles and ham. Really the list goes on! But, wait for it – you may try out even the “pijana knedla”, (drunk dumpling), made out of pl*ums, marzipan *and of course, rakia. This gets better! Each one of the dumplings is on average 1.50 euros! (drops mike)

Finally, be it that you receive mix of dumplings as the sweetest present in a box from the loved one, or that you want to spend a soothing afternoon with friends in a cozy ambient, or that you are in a rush to pick up the dessert on a Sunday afternoon for your family, Ferdinand Knedle is by far the perfect choice. Amazing interior, homemade juices, jams and hot chocolate, flexible opening hours (even at night),smiley and incredibly patient staff, explaining to me each one of the taste and waiting for me to make what always seems to be a decision of my life, really makes Ferdinand Knedle a MUST stop in Belgrade. More of the sweetest spots revealed soon!

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