Be overwhelmed by nature’s architecture in Racoș

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Architecture is one of my favorite aspects of urban life, one of the city's greatest attractions. There are so many talented architects that left their legacy in the buildings they created, but there is one architect that many of you value the most – nature. Nature as an architect can be the greatest creator of all. In central Romania, one can be overwhelmed by nature’s architecture in Racoș, where three natural miracles can be visited around the quarry at the Racoș plateau: the volcano in Racoș, the Emerald Lake, and the Basalt Columns

The volcano

The first nature miracle one can encounter is the volcano in Racoș. The little information that exists about it, mention that the last time it erupted was about 10.000 years ago. The area was declared a natural reserve, and this is why the exploitation of volcanic slag has stopped. What was left behind is a picturesque scene with rocks similar to those found at the Etna volcano in Italy. The part I find most fascinating about this place is that you can climb to the top of the volcano and admire the amazing landscape.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/marugod83

The Emerald Lake

If one is not convinced by the gorgeous scenery the volcano has to offer, the Emerald Lake will make you change your mind. The formation of the lake was due to excavation operations performed in the quarry, the melting of snow, and precipitation. The lake’s name is due to the emerald color of the water, that has a depth of about 10 meters. There is one detail that makes this lake even more attractive: there is the reflection of the Basalt Columns in the water. It is what makes this scenery unique. 

Picture © Credit to: iStock/marugod83

The Basalt Columns 

Picture © Credit to: iStock/marugod83

As you may already have assumed, the Basalt Columns were formed by the rapid cooling of the volcanic lava more than a million and a half years ago. Stretching on an area of around 1.1 hectare, the columns are about 30 meters long and have a height of 12 to 15 meters. The basalt was once also exploited here, and stopping the work gave birth to a breath-taking landscape.

Not only the place of three nature miracles

The amazing landscape is also a place of great history. It is believed that Decebal, the last Dacian king and the king that fought against the Roman Empire, Traian, organized a military base here in the year 106. So, visiting this place is not only going to delight your eyes, but you will also step into an area of great history.

It is believed that the area has positive energy, helping one regain his health, so there is yet another reason to visit it. This is because of the basalt rocks which, as you may already know, can only be found in volcanic areas. 

Picture © Credit to: iStock/porojnicu

Finding yourself in this area of Romania can lead you to many things: trying the best chocolate at Luado, visiting the first Romanian school, visiting the city of Brașov - the Hollywood of Eastern Europe, or maybe being overwhelmed by nature’s architecture in Racoș

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