Balqaragai family forest resort: getaway outside Nur-Sultan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In Nur-Sultan, the second coldest capital city in the world, only few months can grant you plenty of sunlight. Also, Nur-Sultan is quite an administrative and busy city, so every weekend of the sunny season, locals and foreign visitors usually look for a short getaway with relaxing time spending and sightseeing. The most attractive destinations appear to be resting zones that offer a lot of interesting** things to do. This summer, try to enjoy a short getaway outside Nur-Sultan in the Balqaragai family forest resort**!

Balqaragai family forest resort

Balqaragai family forest resort can offer a lot of activities for families with children and tourists with different interests due to its location near the forest area. This gives a great opportunity to walk around the small forest for those who would like to take some resting time outside of the loud and fun zone. It is located 20 min by car from the old city center, and one can easily reach the place by city taxi services. It is placed in quite an isolated area, but it offers all the things one can need for the short one-day getaway or a joyful weekend. The resort works from 9 am to 9 pm all week and year-round. In the summertime, there are a lot of activities, same as in the wintertime. In all seasons, Balqaragai is a perfect place to explore

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Summer activities

In the summertime,  you can try horse riding in Balqaragai. You can opt for a 15-minute ride up to several hours with a professional instructor. There are such fun things as ATVs, paintball, football and volleyball. If you are looking for other sports activities, renting a bike is available, so you can ride within the territory enjoying the resort's beauty. For the ones who are up for a relaxed staying, there are three types of saunas: Russian, Finnish and Turkish

Balqaragai area

In order to try different activities of Balqaragai, there is an entrance fee that covers the use of an open-air swimming pool, and all the other activities you do inside the resort will have an additional price. The restaurant of the resort offers very nicely served and tasty meals of Central Asian and European cuisines.

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Winter activities

In the wintertime, the territory will have additional constructions for sledding and skiing. This is a very popular type of having fun in the cold part of Northern Kazakhstan. Also, one can find husky dogs to play with and take photos for an additional price. These husky dogs also can take you for a ride on sledding, and it became quite popular in the winter. It is highly recommended to try grill rooms of Balqaragai, where you can bring your own meat to grill, food and drinks. Apart from that, you can always enjoy the fresh air and beautiful park around Balqaragai

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Ethno village

Balqaragai resort has its own ethno village dedicated to the local Kazakh culture and living in the past. If you are having a group delegation, for an additional price, the resort can organize a small ancient Kazakh show, where you may experience the authentic style of old Kazakh traditions. There are yurts (Kazakh traditional housing) placed in the resort's zone. In the Spring festival of Nauryz, you will see all the show based on the history of ancient Kazakhs, including the costumes, dancing, singing, traditional games and eating inside yurts and trying altybaqan traditional Kazakh swings

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How to reach 

Balqaragai resort is located 30 km away from the old city center of Nur-Sultan.  On the way to the resort, if you go through Severnaya Obyezdnaya street, you can find another picturesque destination called the Blue Lagoon of Nur-Sultan. People usually go there to take marvellous and futuristic photos. Certainly, this place is not located on the roadside, and you will have to deal with the driver to take you there. Either way, it is just a 10-minute walk to that destination from Severnaya Obyezdnaya Street's centre. So, the perfect plan would be to spend around one hour at the Blue Lagoon and head to the Balqaragai resort, which is 26 km from the Blue Lagoon.

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When planning your activities outside Nur-Sultan, make sure to have all the necessary stuff and a great mood. There are plenty of activities that can fulfill your day and make your time outside the city unforgettable! Enjoy a short getaway outside Nur-Sultan in the Balqaragai family forest resort!

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