Băile Felix Resort at the Carpathian foothills

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When travelling, I always try to see and do as much as possible. After my vacations, I usually need a few days just to recover. If one travels to the Bihor County in northwestern Romania, the relaxation is a part of the vacation. What awaits you there is wellness at the Carpathian foothills, and more specifically a thermal Spa Resort - Băile Felix, located in the town with the same name. This resort is open all year round and unique in Romania, and maybe the whole world.

The location

Situated 8 km on the south from the fortress of Oradea and only 22 km from the border with Hungary, Băile Felix consists of a few mineral springs with thermal water (the temperature is between 20 and 48 degrees Celsius). Only a short distance away, there are other spa resorts with similar attributes. All the resorts use the thermal waters with mineral qualities, such as sulphuric, sodium-, calcium- and bicarbonate-rich waters, from the lake and river called Peța.

The healing qualities

Băile Felix is open all year round, so that one can enjoy the relaxation even in winter. The facilities include a sauna and Jacuzzi, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness and rehabilitation center. The thermal waters are very beneficial for the post-traumatic afflictions, arthritis, and rheumatic disorders, gynecological afflictions, nervous system disorders, post-injury, and post-operative rehabilitation and also for the endocrine system problems. There are a lot of treatments one can enjoy while relaxing at the spa, which include: aerosols, warm sapropelic mud baths and applications, hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, galvanic baths, electrotherapy, aromatherapy but also the beauty treatments with local gerovital and aslavital anti-ageing products.

The sights

In Felix Park, one can enjoy nature at its finest. There are three thermal lakes here, in which flora and fauna will take your breath away. They are called the Waterlily Lakes, and they got their names from the flowers that populate the surface of their waters – a subtropical waterlily called Nymphaea lotus thermalis. Also in the two of the lakes, one can find the little turtles who enjoy swimming in the warm water and will surely delight any visitor. I recommend a quiet walk through the park while eating a local snack called Langos (Hungarian origin). For those who are adventurous, I also recommend visiting Bear’s Cave in the Bihor Mountains, which is only about 68 km away.

Picture © Credit to: CalinStan
Picture © Credit to: CalinStan

Whether one enjoys a quiet place surrounded by nature or the healing thermal waters, Băile Felix Resort at the Carpathian foothills offers a treat for every visitor from young to old. The relaxation is very important even if one is on vacation, so I definitely recommend this place as an escape from the busyness of the city life.

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