Attend traditional events: Slovenian day of love

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Yes, we do celebrate our own day of love in Slovenia and in many towns the old traditions are still kept alive. On Gregorjevo, the St. Gregory's Day (March 12th) we are celebrating the beginning of spring, when the days are getting longer and when the birds are being wed. Apart from enjoying in romantic activities you can attend traditional events that take place on the March 11th , the eve of St. Gregory’s Day.

One of the interesting traditions is crafting gregorčki - little boats, houses or any other floating objects that carry the light down the stream or river to welcome the spring. The object floating down the rivers used to be different, being more simple, made of items the craftmen used in their workshop, but nowadays we can see all kinds of artwork floating down the stream on that day.

Often these events are accompanied with a traditional music or traditional food, like licitar (lectovo srce) – colorful biscuits, usually in the shape of heart, carrying romantic messages.

People will be floating the crafts down the rivers in Slovenian towns:

In Ljubljana you can float the “gregorček” down the river Gradaščica as well. If you are already there, check out the old town – many unusual shops offer lovely souvenirs or other heart-warming products.

In BTC Tržnica you can visit traditional market offering meat, sweets, and other Slovenian products – let me tell you, the food is delish!

Here I presented a few suggestions on how to spend some romantic moments and appreciate Slovenian traditions. Take a look for yourself, join the festivities and let the boat float in the water. Let me know, how much you’ve enjoyed the attended events!

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