Athens University of Economics and Business - A short guide to the student life

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Continuing my “Promoting Erasmus and studying abroad” pages, I now introduce you to the Athens University of Economics and Business. Let’s suppose that you are an Erasmus student or in general a student planning to study abroad for a semester or so. What are the factors that you would take into consideration before choosing your next destination and university? How would you organize your background research? What are the things that you’d love to know about your university in advance? Here’s a short research I did about one of the biggest universities in Greece that welcomes thousands of Erasmus students every year.

Background info; The university; Athens University of Economics aims at providing high-quality education. The objective is to train competent faculty in order to meet present and future needs of economy and society at national and international level, and the training of scientists, in the fields it is expertized to, that are capable of becoming bearers of creation. There are 3 main departments; The school of Economic Sciences, the school of Business, and the school of Information Sciences and Technology. Each department offers undegraduate, Masters and Doctoral Program as well as important research activity.

Location; The Athens University of Economics and Business is centrally located in downtown Athens. The main building of the University is located at 76, Patission Street in Athens, two blocks away from the Archaeological Museum. The backside of the building faces the Pedion Areos Park and the Panellinios Sports Club. Four more buildings in the area cover the University's needs in offices and teaching rooms. One of them is located at 12, Kodrigtonos Street and the other at 12, Derigny Street. The Research Center is located a few blocks away, at 46, Kefallinias Street and the Graduate School building is located at Louzitania building at the corner of Evelpidon and Lefkados Street. Transportation; The University is very conveniently located. Many bus lines pass in front of the University, and a metro station is located one block away from the main building. The general area where AUEB is situated is a leasant and lively area, Kypseli. There are many restaurants, shops, and entertainement places in this area of Athens, while many museums, galleries, and archaeological places are nearby.

The life in the city; As a student there are a lot of things you can do in Athens! In your free time you can visit some of the almost 50 museums and archeological sites, some of the almost 250 (!)theatres... But the favourite habit of local students is the COFFEE! We usually spend about 3 hours in a coffee shop! And they are everywhere!! You can enjoy your favourite beverage in countless cafeterias either in the city centre with a view of the Acropolis or in the suburbs. But student lifestyle without parties??? Of course not! The ultimate area for parties is Gazi (neighbourhood in the city centre) where there are numerous clubs. (As for beer, it is everywhere of course! Don't miss the chance to taste some of the greek ones!). Don't miss the chance to visit the city of Piraeus (mikrolimano-pasalimani) too! And of course if you're lucky enough to arrive during summertime, pay a visit at some of our islands!

Average rent- 270euros. Monthly transportation subscription; 30euros. Monthly food cost; 180euros. Average lunch price at a restaurant; 12euros. Average Fitness subscription; 25euros. Beer Price at a bar; 3-4 euros.

Accomodation suggestions;

The Library was established in 1920 with the foundation of the School of Commercial Studies. The Library became an annex of the School with a reading room in 1928. It is the oldest economic academic library in Greece. The first yearbook of the School was published in 1928. Despite the difficult issues of that period, the importance of the library's function was not underestimated and its first core collection was made up of textbooks. With endowments from various organizations, the School acquired scholarly works on economics, commerce and trade. At the same time, the Library began to stock its shelves with some of the most important foreign-language monographs and committed to allocating considerable funds from the School's resources to enrich the collections of the Library. The following year, a catalog of foreign journals, to which the Library had subscribed, were included in the Yearbook. More than one hundred titles were included in the catalog making it possible to directly and systematically monitor all developments in economic and financial issues. Additionally, the Library's mission was to support the scientific study and research at the School and to serve as a central model for all relevant scientific data. In 1935, the Library was accommodated in the central building on Patission Street.

Welcome to the Erasmus Student Association of the Athens University of Economics and Business Member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - The Erasmus Student Association (ESA) is a non-political, non-profit student organisation of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). . Today, our members are mainly students having participated in the Erasmus programme in the past, so we all know exactly the exchange student feeling! Our mission is to foster student mobility in Higher Education under the principle of Students Helping Students. We help, in all possible ways, the Erasmus exchange students coming to study in AUEB (as well as in other universities in Athens) and the Greek students wishing to participate in the Erasmus program.

Pack your bags and choose Athens as your Erasmus destination! Enjoy!

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