A night out in Athens – different neighborhoods, different styles, different options!

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Athens, Athens, Athens! Well, I might be Greek so I don’t wanna sound too subjective, but honestly, anyone who has ever been to Athens would easily admit that the city has an incredible nightlife and that it can be considered as one of the BEST travel destinations for young tourists willing to experience it! Let me now explain a few things about the capital’s nightlife and the options that it offers!

Summer; On any summer night there are outdoor concerts from your favorite rock stars to classical music, ballet, Byzantine music, and whatever you might have in mind. At the same time, two of the best places to see a show are at the Herod Atticus Theatre next to the Acropolis which shows mostly classical, ballet and theatre, and the Lykavettos Outdoor Theater on top of Lykavettos mountain where stars like Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen, James Brown, Roy Harper and many others have played. There are giant indoor-outdoor discos and clubs where the most famous Greek singers perform nightly to packed houses.

Winter; In the winter the Athens club scene comes alive with shows ranging from blues-rock-jazz to traditional Rembetika, laika and of course punk-rap and whatever is happening in the west. The clubs are located around the city with many of the bars in Psiri, Gazi and other central areas. In the summer all the big clubs by the sea open up. These are discos and giant progressive techno clubs that hold thousands of people mostly outdoors where you can enjoy the night though some are indoors in giant converted warehouses. If there are major concerts going on you will know about it because posters will be everywhere (Seriously, even if you don’t have access online you can easily find out about the on-going events just by checking the posters on the walls!)

Always; Let’s not forget the ouzo-culture! There are excellent ouzeries and cafes all over the city where you can quietly drink, snack and talk all night long. The neighborhood of Psiri has lost market share to Gazi but you can still go there and find good food, ouzo, tsipuro and beer and of course conversation.

Alternative; Meanwhile, the neighbourhood of Exarcheia is always a favorite for nightlife entertainment in Athens. Visitors can choose a classic style of bar, or something with more entertainment, such as parties, live music or artistic events. Summer or winter, inside or at the tables on the pavement or a cool patio, these bars are for all tastes, from hipsters and students to veteran bar hoppers, artists and intellectuals.

Scroll and explore!

Enjoy! :D

You feel like exploring more? Well... here you have a few extra suggestions for dessert! :)

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