Arica, a city of everlasting spring

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The north of Chile is a place where cities are so varied you have to see it to believe it. Today, I will tell you about beautiful Arica, a city of eternal spring, according to locals. The city has a lot to offer, ranging from historical and cultural patrimony to landscapes beyond your imagination. Keep reading to learn more about the city of everlasting spring.

Morro de Arica 

The perfect way to see Arica in its glory is to hike to the Morro de Arica and appreciate the view. The Morro de Arica is not only an iconic hill of Arica but a place of historical importance as well - a big battle was disputed here between Chileans and Peruvians! Locals say the soldiers of both sides fought without guns. There were a lot of losses on both sides, but finally, Chile won, and the territory became definitely Chilean. This battle took place during the Pacific War, and it is an emblem of the bravery of the soldiers, both Chileans and Peruvians alike.

© wikimedia/Andrea021

Terminal Asoagro 

If you visit Asoagro, not only you will find delicious fruits, vegetables and traditional products for sale but also catch a real glimpse of the locals and their way of living. If you pay attention, you will notice locals wearing their Altiplanic typical dresses, very colorful and lively like themselves. The best experience of this place is smelling and trying delicious and natural products. So, take the chance and try new things! While there, ask a seller for an "aceituna de Azapa" (if you like olives). Otherwise, I would advise you to try fruits like mango or maracuyá.

© flickr/Motonguis

Cuevas de Anzota 

The Caves of Anzota are a must-see in Arica and a local favourite, located 10 km away from the Morro de Arica. The caves were naturally formed by time and erosion by water and wind. The place was home to the first humans living in this territory. It is perfectly placed because it guaranteed sustenance from the sea. The caves are beyond words, really. I can just recommend you visit it, pay attention to your surroundings, see the birds and ponder how much history there is. 

© Istock/abriendomundos

San Marcos Cathedral

The San Marcos Cathedral was built before the Pacific War when Arica was part of Perú. Therefore, it is very ancient and valuable. The inside of the cathedral is very special as it has a beautifully picked floor and the structure inside of it is metallic and bright. A very fun fact is that the cathedral was once a simple church. But even more interesting than that is that it was built in the workshop of Gustave Eiffel himself. So, a visit to this cathedral is a must-do when visiting Arica.

© wikimedia/Lorna-Lorna

Arica is a place of endless possibilities and activities. Of course, it* *is impossible to comprise everything in one story, but these are the places you can not miss while visiting the city. Trust me, visit Arica, the city of everlasting spring, and its people and landscapes will be kept forever in your heart.

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