Archeological Sites to Discover in Anatolia

Idil Birben | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The land where the country Turkey is today has been a home to many different civilizations throughout the history. From the ancient cities of the Hattian to magnificent structures of the Byzantine Empire, Anatolia is a gem for the archeology and history lovers. Today there are many sites open to tourists and new are being discovered every year. So, why not pack your bags for a different holiday this year where you can feel like Indiana Jones exploring the mysteries of the ancient civilizations:) and you do not need to give up your tan or the beach to have a holiday filled with knowledge, I assure you that there will be still plenty of time left for you to enjoy the beach or catch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Top 10 Locations to Visit

Ephesus : One of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world, dating back to 12 C BC. The City was an important trade and religious center in antiquity.

Pergamum: It is an acropolis. The city was an administrational center during the Roman period and was also famous for its library. Physician Galen was also born here.

Troy: Troy is one of the most famous cities in history. It dates back to 4th millenium BC. Homer first mentioned the story of Troy in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Commagene - Mt.Nemrut: One of the most spectacular sites in Turkey especially at sunset. Commagene Kingdom was a strategic crossroad on the important trade routes between Syria, Mesopotamia and Rome.

Catalhoyuk: It is one of the most important Neolithic settlements of the world dating back 4th Millenium BC.

Priene: The city was well-planned and executed. It is a very good example of Greek Architecture dating back 7th C BC.

Uluburun-Kas: The Institute of Nautical Archaeology's (INA) shipwreck excavation in 1980s brought to light one of the wealthiest and largest known collections of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean.

Sardis: It was the capital of Lydia. In the 7th C BC the Lydians invented the first coinage in history. The King Croesus controlled most of western Asia Minor in 6th C BC.

Hattusas-Bogazkoy: It was the chief center of the Hittite Empire. The principal Hittite inscriptions on 10,000 tablets were found here in early 20th C.

Aphrodisias: The ancient city of Aphrodisias, dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite. The City has the best-preserved stadium in Asia Minor.

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