An Erasmus trip to the gorgeous city of Edinburgh

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Edinburgh has been one of the most beautiful places, if not the most, that I have visited, and definitely my favourite in the UK. Every corner of the place is gorgeous and its architectural style makes everwhere look like a castle. It is also full of green areas because of the wet and rainy Scottish weather, and because of its location. Edinburgh is located on the east coast of Scotland on the Firth of Forth River’s southern shore, and it is almost always cold there. It was winter when I visited and even though I wore proper winter clothes (a hat, gloves, a scarf and a big, thick coat), it was constantly too cold for me. But maybe that´s becasue I'm Spanish so I'm used to the nice, warm Spanish temperatures. See here for an overview of Edinburgh.

I went to Edinburgh on a trip during my Erasmus year with some of my Erasmus European friends. The Erasmus was probably the best year of my life, which changed me unalterably. Travelling around the island and partying were two big parts of my experience in the UK, and I'll never forget the days spent in the amazing capital of Scotland.

We stayed in Edinburgh for two nights, in a nice youth hostel. I absolutely recommend visiting the city for everyone that enjoys history, old towns, castles, museums and performing arts festivals. The Scottish capital is divided into two districts, Edinburgh Old Town and New Town, and both are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. My three favourite places in the city are Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, and Princess Street. Calton Hill is in the centre of the city, situated east of Princess Street, the main shopping street in the city and both sites have great views.

Photo of Princess Street - Picture © Credits to JoeDunckley

Photo of Calton Hill - Picture © Credits to Alice-photo

The main symbol of the city

You can’t miss Edinburgh’s castle - it stands out as the most popular symbol of the Scottish capital and it towers over Old Town, situated at the top of Castle Rock. Historically, it has been one of the most important defensive points of the country and nowadays it is the most-visited paid tourist attraction. Even though the entrance ticket can be quite expensive for a student, it is worth the price. You can find several facilities within the castle that include restaurants and cafés, shops for souvenirs and a wide range of historical displays that will make your experience in the castle unforgettable. My favourite was the dungeon because I could perfectly imagine how people were treated in there; they have done a great job with the display. If you want to find out about other castles in Scotland, check out the link.

Picture © Credits Roll6

Edinburgh is a city full of beauty, art and history, and the local people are really friendly and fun. I honestly believe it is the best looking city in the UK.

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