An artsy visit to Bilbao, Spain

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Well, I’ll start this page by being honest to you; I have never ever visited Bilbao. HOWEVER, I decided to dedicate a full page on the cultural and artsy activities that the amazing city of Bilbao offers, as a plan of my personal itinerary preparation.

Having friends living there, I’ve been invited quite a few times to visit the city; I never had the chance so far but lately, Bilbao is one of my top "must-visit" destinations on my list. As a result, I decided that it’s about time to start some planning! Where should I go? And what should I see? While talking to my local friends in order to prepare my trip, they seem lost every time I ask why Bilbao is that special; everyone admits that it’s not an extremely beautiful city but it definitely offers multiple cultural activities, especially for the “artsy” travelers! Museums, cultural centers, and all of a kind exhibitions are spread throughout the city, while the city’s architecture gains the tourist’s attention instantly. Bilbao, after all, has had a tough upbringing.

Surrounded for years by an environment of heavy industry and industrial wastelands, its riverfront landscapes and quirky architecture were hardly recognised or appreciated by travellers on their way to more pleasant destinations. However the cultural scene is the one that makes the city of Bilbao distinguishable! Bilbao, with the Guggenheim Museum as a great international symbol, is the gateway to the Basque cultural universe. It is a city that is an example of urban transformation at a global level and has maintained a number of hallmarks that make it singular and unique.

Below I have prepared a list of cultural must-see and activities offered in the beautiful city of Bilbao. I’m pretty sure that after reading this list you’ll start checking tickets for this artsy visit! (So am I, right now!)

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