An amphitheatric diving site and the Manijin Island

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Paphos, is the city of culture and architecture and is located on the island of Aphrodite, in Cyprus. As a cultural location, Pa[phos]( is full of ancient monuments that can be found almost all over the island and of course is full of history. Moreover, Pa[phos]( offers a great variety of different activities, such as water sports, hiking, scuba diving, extreme sports and a lot more.

So imagine that you had the opportunity to combine those two things in one. Culture with extreme sports. How cool would this be? Let's now imagine that you can combine scuba diving, with the chance to see an amphitheater that is located 22 meters underwater... What would you say? Well good news for you, since this "Amphitheater Diving Site"  exists and it's located in Paphos district, near the coral bay beach.

The Amphitheater diving site is considered as one of the most popular diving sites in Paphos and is easily accessible by the public. The site ranges from 8 meters to a maximum depth of 22 meters, with the most interesting point of this diving site being what appears to be an amphitheater at 9 meters. The diving site took the name of 'Amphitheatre' because of its natural form, which resembles an amphitheater, cut out of rocks by sea currents. When you go underwater, you don´t have a clear view of this spectacular sight that nature had created, but once you get closer you can recognize and distinguish the different levels of it.

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In this amphitheater, you cannot watch any act but definitely, you can explore the amazing rock and coral formations, as well as the marine life which includes octopus, eels, cuttlefish and much more. The amphitheater diving site is great for divers with experience, as well as for learners.

In addition, Paphos has various spots to go scuba diving. As a result, you're not at all limited and you can change or choose your favorite diving spot. Crowded or not, rocky or amphitheatrical, this is up to you. Another great spot for scuba diving is the Manijin island.

The Manijin island diving site is a very popular destination for divers and is located in the Manijin Island, which is very close to the Pe[yia sea caves.](

The Manijin Island is a small rocky islet and it is ideal for people, who love diving and want to explore the beautiful diving paradise. The site consists of many interesting features, including a blowhole, an archway, and a spectacular cave, which is covered with colorful calciferous algae, as well as a variety of marine life.

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The small island can be reached via a ferry and it is only a 10-minute ride from the Coral Bay harbor. Some divers prefer to snorkel to the island from the coast, which takes about 15-20 minutes. The depth of this diving site ranges from 8 to 24 meters and it is considered to be suitable, not only for beginners but also for experienced divers.

So if you're looking for a unique experience in diving, those two places are highly recommended. Have fun!

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