Algarve Beach Encyclopedia! Vila do Bispo pt2

Vasco Casula | Live the World

September 19, 2022

Welcome to the second entry of the Algarve Beach Encyclopedia on the inspiring parish of Vila do Bispo, with tall cliffs and inviting beaches! As with other entries, the sandstrips you will find when you travel here are presented below, some of which are deserving of a dedicated highlight. With this entry, we start to shift the direction of the Algarve coastline, from the western coast to the southern coast of Portugal. Here we go!

This second bunch of beaches in Vila do Bispo is located around the area of the fantastic Cabo de São Vicente, and also Ponta de Sagres, continuing east. Along this rocky coastline, you will find a good mixture of supervised and unsupervised sandstrips, big and small, a great variety in atmoshere and always superb vistas. Many of them are known choices for watersports and snorkeling fans, so if thats your case don't hesitate and pay them a visit!

Praia do Tonel

The fantastic Praia do Tonel is a beautiful sandstrip under tall cliffs, located by Ponta de Sagres. This beach offers all you could ask for: great waters, amazing views and plety of room. From the sand and the nearby cliff trails, you can really admire this part of the Vila do Bispo coastline, with Cabo de São Vicente in the distance and the rocky cliffs extending all around. the south, and also the coast to the west and Cabo the São Vicente at its edge.

Praia do Martinhal

Sitting east of Sagres, Praia do Martinhal offers an atmosphere with a bit of everything. There is the wide and long sandstrip, a priviledged viewpoint of the peculiar islets called Ilhéus do Martinhal, and tranquil waters perfect for snorkeling. There is also abundant vegetation atop the low cliffs, and trails you can follow for a seaside walk. It is a great place to pass by in the summer season and enjoy its treats!

Praia do Zavial

A beautiful beach at the shoreline of lush valleys, Praia do Zavial is a place that appeals to everyone. Snorkeling fans often come here to explore the clear waters, while naturists take advantage of the sand pockets that form with the high tide. It is a place with room for everyone, a peaceful snadstrips with lovely sights to be admired, very popular on holidays!

That is it for this second part on Vila do Bispo! But If these are not enough for the beach lover in you and you want more, check out these other places: the parish has more amazing sandstrips to the north, and there is also the last part on Vila do Bispo, and you can also try the long shorelines of Faro and Olhão!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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