Algarve Beach Encyclopedia! Lagos pt2

Vasco Casula | Live the World

September 19, 2022

Another entry on the encyclopedia of summer enjoyment! This series presents to you the entire list of the Algarve beaches, and offer a few closer looks on the best beaches in each parish. But nothing beats the real thing, so hopefully this will make you go an check them out for yourself on your visit to Portugal! This time, we follow along the coast of Lagos.

This is the second half on the fantastic beaches in the parish of Lagos. Up until now, the coast offered intricate cliffs, lovely sights and great beaches. Now, continuing northeast and further away from the beautiful Ponta da Piedade, the coast becomes less wild. The beaches get wider, longer and often more populated, while still offering great calm seas, and providing excellent viewpoints of the coastal cliffs, islets, and the faraway parishes. Here they are!

Praia Dona Ana

The area around Praia Dona Ana is known for its incredible islets, marine caves and creeks, which delight the ones who get to travel along the coast by boat. The beach itself is a real treat, having been considered as one of the most beautiful in the world! So take your time when visiting and you will be rewarded with more than just a regular day at the beach.

Praia da Batata

This beach sits at the shoreline of the city of Lagos, which allows for quick and easy access to town. There is a cliff on one end, and the Lagos marina on the other, making sure you have plenty of great vistas. Joining the summer sunnyside with a more urban atmosphere, Praia da Batata can see more movement than other regular beaches sometimes, but if that isn't a problem for you, here is a great place to drop by!

Meia Praia

The fantastic Meia Praia is a long and wide sandstrip located around an area of great biodiversity. The dune system extends along the entire beach and the Odiáxere river mouth lagoon sits very close. So if you are looking for something to add to the usual sand and sea, and you want to be amazed at the coastal ecossystem, Meia Praia is perfect for you! On top of it all, the sights of the coast are great!

As usual, if these are not enough for the beach lover in you, check out these other entries: Lagos has some more great beaches to the west, and there is also the lovely coast of Portimão and the long sandstrips of Loulé!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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