A winter fairy-tale in Bachledka

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bachledka is a popular ski resort in Bachledova valley, in the region of Spišská Magura. It is located in the National Park Pieniny, in the eastern part of Slovakia, and it is definitely worth to plan a trip for. During the winter, the whole region turns into a fairy-tale, where everything is covered in snow. You can enjoy panoramic views of the biggest mountain range in Slovakia, while you ski or walk above the top of the trees.

Winter sports in Bachledka

In Bachledova valley, you can find several different slopes, including those for children, beginners or free-ride slopes, as well as cross country skiing routes. To avoid crowds, you can buy a night ski pass and enjoy almost empty slopes between the dark woods. And if you are not sure about your skiing or snowboarding skills, individual or group classes taught by professionals are available. You can rent your equipment in the ski rental or buy a brand new one, directly in the Bachledka sports shop. There is also an ice-skating rink available on the site, just for the kids. But don't worry, for adults who prefer more adrenaline than the ice-skating rink can possibly offer, there is a snow-rafting route. 

Photo © credits to Facebook/bachledka.sk

At the top of the main hill, just where you exit a cable car, there is an après ski bar La Gamba, where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or so-called “tatratea”, a hot tea mixed with alcohol. There are several other bars and buffets all the way down, where you can recharge your energy. Whether you choose a cross country, skiing, snowboarding or snow-rafting, at the end of the day, you can relax in a nearby wellness hotel Bachledka Strachan. Well-deserved sauna, massage or a hot-tub are waiting for you. 

The treetop walk

You can discover the beauty of Slovak nature while walking above the tree crowns. Literally. There is a more than one-kilometer long wooden trail, built on the height of 24 meters. The treetop walk is located at the top of the hill in Bachledka. During the winter, you need to take a cable car, in order to get there, but in the summer season, you can get your work out done and walk 2,6 kilometers up to the hill. On your way to the end of the trail, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and learn something new about fauna and flora of the region, as there are educational signs along the way. 

Photo © credits to Facebook/chodnikkorunamistromov.sk

If you get bored of peace that the treetop walk offers, there is also an adrenaline corner, where you can use the ropes, have a good balance and enough strength to get through. But no worries, it is completely safe for all ages. At the end of the treetop walk, there is a 67-meter high observation tower, to get even better view of the surrounding mountains. If you dare, you can get down from the observation tower within a few seconds with a spiral slide. However, during the winter season, the slide is closed for security reasons closed. 

Photo © credits to Facebook/Bachledka.sk

High standards and affordable prices

I recommend Bachledka Ski Resort as a very pleasant alternative to other overcrowded and slightly overpriced (but still great) High Tatras ski resorts. With its beautiful scenery, Bachledka will take your breath away. Besides great skiing conditions in the winter season, Bachledka is the only place in Slovakia where you can walk above the trees and experience a moment just like from a fairy-tale.

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