A stunning sunset near the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow

Victoria Derzhavina | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Visiting different cities, travelers like to see them from a birds-eye perspective. There are a few popular and well-known viewing points in Moscow. However, if you prefer less crowded places, or want to get a different glimpse of the city, visit the viewing platform near the Russian Academy of Science (RAS). Most people come here in the evening, when buildings are silhouetted against the sky, illuminated with the golden and red rays of the declining sun.

© photosight.ru/Yulia Zimina

Come here in the evening

The Russian Academy of Science is a half an hour walk away from the viewing platform on the Vorobyovy Hills. However, the panorama is quite different, because the Moscow River makes a turn here. From this point, you can see the towers of the Moscow-City Business Centre, green massifs of the Vorobyovy Hills, the Christ Saviour Church and the Moscow Kremlin towers far away on the right. The most striking view is towards the domes of Andreevsky Monastery and the contours of the spired building of Moscow State University. 

© photosight.ru/ Svetlaya91

Other interesting places in this area

If you decide to visit the viewing point near the Russian Academy of Science, don’t miss a chance to see some other interesting places in this area. You can walk through the yard of the academy of science and see this extraordinary building in the post-Soviet modernism style from different sides, its sculptures and clocks. And the eccentric metal goldish constructions on the top are nicknamed “golden brains”, quite appropriate for this scientific institute.

© iStock/koromelena

The stairs will lead you down to the small cozy Andreevsky Monastery with brightly colored churches located on the bank of the Moscow River. In the 17th century, the most educated monks lived here busy with teaching and translating.

© Victoria Derzhavina

How to reach the viewing platform

You can reach this viewing platform in Moscow from Leninsky Prospekt metro station or going up from the pier “Andreevsky Monastyr” (St. Andrew Monastery). If you enjoy Moscow’s panorama from the popular viewing platform on the Vorobyovy Hills, you can walk to the Russian Academy of Science along Kosygina Street or follow one of the park paths. Whichever route you chose, two 120-meters high white towers with metal tops will be a guiding landmark.

If you visit the viewing point near the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow during the daytime, you can add to your program a pleasant walk in the nearby park. However, enjoying the sunset from the RAS viewing platform in good weather is a wonderful and sufficient event.

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