A Road trip to Panemunė. Explore Lithuanian castles and manors

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lithuanians celebrate the Statehood day on the 6th of July, so we have even three, not working days for that occasion. During this long weekend, one of the most popular destinations among the locals is a trip to the seaside or to Panemunė. The tour of Panemunė is very popular because of its short and interesting road. During only one day, you can visit the castles, manors, and mounds, as they are located just about 5 to 10 kilometers from each other. Also, you will be driving along the Nemunas river, the biggest river in our country. So, today let me speak about a charming and authentic road trip to Panemunė with an exploration of Lithuanian castles and manors.

Stop 1. Raudondvaris Manor

So, let’s begin our trip with a stop at Raudondvaris Manor, which is located in the same name village, just 10 kilometers from Kaunas city. So, if you have the time or you are traveling from the Kaunas side, make a small stop for Kaunas castle as well (will never be too many villas, right?). Let’s back to the Raudondvaris. This Manor is the 17th-century renaissance heritage. The name Raudondvaris means "Red Manor", and during the dynasty of Tiškevičiai, in the middle of the 19th century, the manor was rebuilt from the dust, after the wars and became a modern manor full of newest books, arts and plants collections. Nowadays,in the mansion is established a museum, and the tickets for adults cost just 1 €. Also, in the territory of the manor, there are a park and a restaurant.

Stop 2. Belvederis Manor

If you are a fan of the old and desolate buildings, this one is for you. Belvederis Manor nowadays is abandoned, even though it is still the cultural heritage of Lithuania. Visiting this building is beautiful, if you have a good imagination because you can picture the great times that the manor had. The park was big and fabulous with different kinds of plants, the mansion itself was white with the orangery. It is a good stop to walk around the manor, that used to be very nice a long time ago.

Stop 3. Raudonė Castle

Raudonė Castle from Belvederis Manor is located about 17 kilometers to the west of Lithuania, and this castle looks more alive than the previous one. Raudonė Castle was built at the end of the 16th century and has the renaissance and neo-gothic styles. Nowadays, in this castle, there is an established primary school (like the Hogwarts from the Harry Potter). The tower is open for visitors, so when you climb up to the 33,5 meters, that this tower has, in front of your eyes the spectacular view of the Nemunas river, green lands and forest will impress you.

Stop 4. Panemunė Castle

The last but not the least castle of our trip is Panemunė Castle. The name of the villa means “along the Nemunas.” This castle was mentioned as one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in all Lithuania. It was built as a nobleman castle at the beginning of the 17th century. Nowadays, this castle is open for visitors, surrounded by the forest and hills. In Panemunė Castle,* **usually take places some art exhibitions together with the presentation of the Lithuanians daily life in the 17th century*. Moreover, in the castle is a restaurant and market with the traditional smoked meat, natural soaps, and other goods. Also, some excellent activities like a horse riding or shooting with a crossbow are offered.

Some ideas where to go next

Panemunė Castle is the last stop of the Panemunė road trip, but if you wish to explore more, drive about two hours more, and you will reach the seaside of Lithuania with the Curonian Spit and the Ventė Ornithological Station, where the birds are getting ringed. From this point, Klaipėda city and other Lithuanian resort towns are located about 30 kilometers. Also, while driving to Panemunė, you will see a lot of mounds and small Lithuanian villages worth to stop by and explore more.

So, now you know about one of the most famous road trips among Lithuanians, also worth trying by yourselfs. It can become one day or two days trip, if you are visiting the seaside too. Thus, that's all about the road trip to Panemunė, where you can explore Lithuanian castles and manors.

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